Friday, October 16, 2009

Time goes on

and waits for no man (or woman or mother)....I think that it has been a while since I've written. I thought (naively of course) that once both girls were in school this fall that I would have more time to get things done. WRONG!!
There seems to be things with school that come up every week. Having the girls in two different places right now makes for two different schedules, calendars, field trips etc. So that means mom is always going, checking her calendar and going some more. Of course I wouldn't be insane without mentioning the day that Liyah had a bowl-a-thon for school and mommy forgot about it. Not only did I forget about the bowling, I forgot that she was going to need to be picked up at the bowling alley!! That was the day that Greg, G.P., Grandpa Frump and I were all in Big Rapids doing grocery shopping etc. and I had to call my mom and ask her to go get Liyah. So you see, not only did I not know she was to be picked up at said bowling alley, my mom didn't either!! She finally got home around 2-2:30 in the afternoon. The wonderful thing about little kids is that they don't usually have a clue that their parents goofed up and have gotten frantic when they can't find their kid!
Things seem to have slowed down (atleast inside my brain) a little. We have had two field trips and another one coming up. They are always fun, and I'm really glad that I get to go with the girls.
Greg and I got to go on a trip to Milwaukee, WI this past weekend. I don't think Greg will EVER want to move to the Chicago area. We got to our business conference late because of traffic and stuff on Friday afternoon. The conference was great, just the getting there and back wasn't.
I was supposed to feel like a nice getaway from kids and mother-in-law. Not so much. While I did learn lots of things about running this business, I didn't have much down time to sit and enjoy the company. If I wasn't sitting in conferences, I was eating a quick meal or sleeping.
THANK GOD for friends!! My college friend Kim and her husband Paul (shout out!! BTW Paul, Greg had an audition @ GCC to play drums, they want to use him once a month in their Praise and Worship team) graciously opened their home to us. We didn't see much of them until morning when we crawled out and sucked down the coffee that Paul made for us!!
It was worth the 1 1/2 hour drive, each way, to get to their house. Who else will lay Hershey's and Snickers candy bars on your pillow each day (WAAAAY better than a mint!).
We had a wonderfully yummy time at the Texas Roadhouse for dinner with them on Sunday evening, I being the piggy I am ate the rib and chicken combo dinner. I stuffed it all in too!!!
The ONLY complaint I had about the weekend was there was not enough time to visit and hang out with the Bahrs, something we love to do!!
Everyone was well and in good spirits when we got back home on Monday evening. G.P. has gotten my cold. She seems to be doing better with that, and worse with the dementia. It's not easy taking care of her, but it isn't hard. I truly believe it is more taxing emotionally for me. She was happy to have us home, we were glad to get back home (although I wouldn't have complained if I could have extended our stay 2-3 more days). My mother is a saint and took over all of our duties @ the house. My dad even did some things, putting in a new faucet head (since ours has been leaking for 2-3 mos.) and finished putting trim up in the living room (that was only missing for 3 yrs.). It is truly a blessing to have family that help and support each other!! There couldn't be anything better.
Now, since we've cancelled internet at the house (really trying to cut corners) I will be coming in to the Lakeview library and using the Wi-Fi to get the blog and other business things done. That isn't such a bad thing if i didn't have G.P. with me, who doesn't read and doesn't look at magazines very well, and pretty much just sits next to me sniffling her nose and sighing..... oh that's what she does at home too.... no biggie!!
The insanity goes on, and I just try to keep things juggling and not let anything crash!!

PS. Atleast I don't have to travel to Disney with family..... yeah you know who you are..... I can smell the insanity on the horizon!!!