Thursday, March 31, 2011


for those of you who don't follow me on twitter (@lefrumpette  BTW) or are part of my Facebook friends (it's not a business one) you may not know I've been working my little chubby fingers to the bone.  Bringing you great vintage stuff for the home, the kids & you (purses listed, some beauteous jewelry coming soon)!!

There are some great things in there & they are going fast!  Stop in, browse around, see if there's anything you'd like.  "The Frumpy House" is always open, clean & ready for company!  Unlike my humble abode...yikes!

A little som'n som'n for your spring facelift in the house or wardrobe!!  Check out the right hand sidebar for some pics of some new items!!

Love, lefrumpette (the queen of "The Frumpy House")

Yep, I'm still around!

Frankly, I'm rounder than I'd like to be....but that is beside the point!  I have mentioned in a few posts this past month that the stress around the home has been at an all time high with the care of Greg's mom.  The fact is no matter how much you love someone....sometimes the best thing is to put them in a home where they will be safe.  Where you can have more of a son/mom relationship instead of caregiver/patient one.  GP is getting so much worse, and is doing things that could be harmful to her or someone else (let's just not mention the gas stove knobs, toaster or the pots of soup that she wants to grab & touch, okay? O-Kay)

So she is on a list for a home close to us.  It is small (20 beds) and is situated out in the country with a nice yard.  She will have her own room, with her own personal items & be in a homey setting!  That makes us feel good, even though this is going to be a hard (guilt inducing) step to take.

This blog was started 2 years ago when GP moved in with us, & we were trying to care for her & 2 little girlies (one of which will be 5 tomorrow.....come back to read a spectacular B-day post tomorrow!!).  The change in the home was so very crazy that at times I literally thought I would go insane!  So, we still don't talk about being "Sane" at our house....we just revel in the insanity!

You know, it is stressful being the caregiver to someone with dementia.  Yet, I am not the one suffering from that disease.  It's quite a challenge to deal with a strong willed 7 year old, who thinks she knows more than her parents.  Yet, I don't have a sick child, autistic child or a child with any other disabilities!
I may have a whirling dervish of a 4/5 year old, who still says she doesn't know how to clean up after herself.  Yet, I am not the mother who has only a shrine of toys & clothes in memory of a child who has passed from this life to another!  It isn't always easy to deal with a spouse who is cranky due to stress, tiredness, normal life & a mom who doesn't even realize he's her son anymore. YET, I am glad I don't have to walk this life path alone.  I couldn't & wouldn't be able to live such a blessed life without the hubby!!

I don't want to be a big doom & gloom person.  Who would want to read stuff like that all the time (and I do like to see new followers here).  So I want to share a video that has been really meaningful to me lately....I hear it on the car radio often & have put it on one of my Pandora channels.  This is what I have to tell myself lately.....I am BLESSED!


My prayer for all is that you find your blessings amidst your stresses.  Both BIG & small!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Pros & Cons....

So here in the heart of Michigan we are finally feeling some warmer weather. Granted it's only about 60* F, but after the frigid winter months that feels good! Real good!!

I am the biggest fan of the Autumn season....but Spring is a very close second. Here are some of the wonderful things about Spring, followed by the ugly side of it.


Pro- snow melts
Con- huge lake & mud in the driveway

Pro- snow melts
Con- the dog crap defrosts & shows up all over the yard

Pro- longer daylight hours
Con- harder to get girlies to go to sleep

Pro- Amish are tappin maple trees to make syrup
Con- Amish are plowing fields & spreading manure

Pro- no more heavy coats & boots by the door
Con- dirt & mud @ the door

Pro- opening windows after a long closed up winter
Con- smelling the aforementioned manure

Pro- girlies have spring break
Con- girlies have spring break

So there you have it a list of the pros & cons of got anything to add? I bet you do!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

When life gives you....

STRESS....cry a little, or scream it out, or laugh until you feel like you are a wet noodle!
One way or another I'm sure that you will release some of the stress...I know, I've used all these methods in the past month!!

So, I'm at work today.  Which for most people means NOT being able to do things like: Twitter, Blog, FB, etsy (or other shop) updates, email, YouTube...etc.  For me it means I have wifi & lots of free time!!  Because my work place is a young man's apartment (OH STOP!! you know I'm not that kinda girl!).   Where I (& my husband) work 50 hours a week caring for this young man with Cerebral Palsy.  It's a 10 hour day, Mon.-Fri.  So since we are actively hands on work about 4-5 hours of these days we have the opportunity to get on our situation if you ask me!!!

So, I usually plan my blog posts & etsy shop updates for those Wed. & Thurs. I'm at work.  See?  It is usually a great situation.  Mr. P goes about his business of working on his computer, watching movies/tv, playing around on his iPad or iPhone or iPod or having friends over, then I get down to my business!

So, today I came with new Canon camera in my bag & pics of items to list in my shop....then my Mac tells me the iPhoto spot is full & I can't download anymore photos.  So I've done a big edit of all the pics that are/were on there thinking that that would make some room....apparently not!  I still can't download off the camera, & I'm too illiterate to figure out what I need to do!  Ugghhh!

Guess what else?  I had some pics that I wanted to share & post about, but can't get them up either. Sorry, I think that this was just not supposed to be "the" day!

See my sad face?  Yeah, that's right I've got a little stress......I'm at do I take care of the stress here?  Eat!  Sounds about right!

Crunching away.....

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yeah Yeah....

I know you have missed me terribly! I actually miss blogging & writing things out. "Getting things off my chest" if you will (@ my cup size I've been wanting things off my chest for YEARS!!).

I feel as if I'm on an upward motion as far as my emotional side is going. Not that the weather is cooperating with me getting some sunshine, but better in spite!

We had GP to a dementia specialist last week. Greg & I both took the day off to go. We needed to see if there were any different meds out there that would help relieve some of her anxiety (especially when Greg or I are going out of the house). So far it is alleviating the majority of her symptoms although she is still crying & pacing. The really good news is she is no longer getting up @ the butt-crack of dawn & pacing around....this momma is not as young as she was when there were babies eating all night, that's why we had no more babies folks!!

So we are getting more sleep, that's always a good thing! It also means we aren't crashing & snoring as soon as girlies & GP go to bed, which may or may not mean more "couple[ing]" time!

I'm having to do some blog posts from my iPhone while @ work lately (hence the lack of eye catching photos). Since I'll have the laptop back from the Hubby tomorrow I'll be sure to post an extra special post then!! So come back y'all, pull up a chair & read to your little hearts content!!

ATTENTION FOLKS!! I've been writing the insanity of my life for almost 2 full years now! In April I would like to have a giveaway for those of you who follow my blog & cherish every little word I write! hehe. So keep reading & following & I will post som'n som'n soon!! LUV!