Thursday, March 18, 2010

For those of you who think that my girls haven't given me any good writing material lately let me tell you.....
Monday Lauryn stayed home sick from school and Liyah has no school on Mondays. I'm in the bedroom folding yet another load of laundry and wouldn't you know I have two little girls walking into my room saying, "look mom, we're clowns". They have taken a dish of body butter that Liyah got in her Valentines box and smeared it all over their faces, arms and legs. Whoohoo!

I didn't panic, I didn't even raise my voice. I just looked at them, must have been with a confused look on my face 'cause they laughed and said again, "we are clowns, we have makeup on".
Taking a deep, cleansing breath I said, "well, we'll have to shower you two to get all that off you"
So they hopped into the shower and let the water rinse them off, while I walked down the hall to their mess. Lotion all over the floor, all over my only pair of dress shoes (Liyah was playing dress up) and an empty dish from the body butter!!

Still, I didn't panic, I went and made sure they were cleaned up and dried off. They got clean clothes on and then they started cleaning up the rest of the mess. Liyah scrubbed the carpet and Lauryn got the shoes. Thank the good Lord for whoever came up with the idea of baby wipes, they seriously work to clean up anything!

The carpet is clean, the shoes are shiny and the girls never felt so soft!!!

When things don't quite measure up

Well, as you readers know Greg's new drum kit is in the walk in closet. Which in itself is a wonderful thing because we can close doors and hardly hear him in the rest of the house. But that has definitely posed a problem with the wardrobe facilities. So after two weeks of hanging clothes in the girls closet and stacking things on our bdrm. floor we are finally getting our new armoires put up. The problem is... when we measured the wall from the corner to the window we got one measurement, thought we'd matched it up with the measurements on the armoires and then placed our order for the right ones.... BUT when Dad put together the first wardrobe last night it now covers about 1/3 of our window! So with the other one going up today we will now have a window that is only 1/3 of what it once was. It is a great south facing window and gives us lots of heat, but it isn't like we sit in the bdrm. and look out the window.

That is soooo minor, what about when your children don't measure up?!?!
I have 2 beautiful daughters, and having come from a family of 4 girls, and thought that as a mother I would enjoy the girl time, the bonding over Barbies and cooking. I thought that we would enjoy fun and games, would talk and carry on like girls do. I was wrong, my girls are strong willed, defiant, back talking, disobedient, and flat out ORNERY!!!
It's not that I don't love them, with all of my being I love them... but I'm so tired!! Who in their right mind would dream of a relationship with their children like this?
Now, I'm not the kind of mom who expects great things from her children, and pushes them into multiple things to make them better. I don't expect them to be over-achievers, just to reach realistic goals (like picking up and putting away their toys).
What is a parent to do when their children buck at every turn, when they argue about each point, when they push the limit of every request or demand?

Greg and I are reading some books about parenting strong willed children, I've found one greatly consoling thing from reading these books.... I AM NOT ALONE!
So when things don't measure up to our expectations, when the armoire is too big (or maybe the house is too small), when the husband buys more things (or eats out when the pantry is stocked), when GP doesn't eat her food (until you put a cookie or coffee in her hands) and when your children do nothing but argue with you (about every day things, things we do every day), just remember others are going through the same thing (well maybe not the wardrobe thing, that could be a personal problem).

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Well, if you're going to be jealous

make sure you are jealous of something really worthy!!
Greg and I made a trip to Kenosha, WI last weekend and picked up his new drum kit he found on ebay... no you may think that I'm jealous of them, I'm not.... although he did tell me last night he loved them.
Actually, I'm jealous of a bathroom.... and definitely NOT your ordinary bathroom. OH, NO! This is the bathroom on Hwy. 50 coming out of Kenosha (as you're headed to Edgerton, WI (shout out to my buddies the Bahrs). It is the bathroom at the.... get this.... Mobil gas station!!!
Okay, my bathroom's not that bad, but this one.... THIS ONE..... WOWWW! I really wish I had taken the camera out of my purse and taken pics... but I was too dumbfounded.
They had coffee brown ceramic vessel sinks with, antiqued bronze faucets shaped like old fashioned water pumps. They had gorgeous tile on the walls with a 2" border of celery green small glass tiles. In the stalls they had wrought iron pieces of art as well as beautiful black and white prints of tulips (my favorite flower).
The great thing is, I walked out and found Greg over by the beverage coolers and we looked at each other with a gleam in our eyes and both burst out with "did you see", "was your bathroom like"... it was too funny.
Greg wants the sinks, I'll take the b/w prints....heck, I'd take the whole bathroom!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sunshine, sunshine

I've had a fun day looking up vids on YouTube that have to do with sun, sunshine, sunny, etc. You get the pick maybe?! It has been such a dreary February that the first 4 days of March have been a godsend. It makes me feel better than dealing with strong willed children!!

It's now looking like a neck and neck race to the finish. Will Lauryn win with the "That's so boring" and rolling of the eyes move, or will Liyah catch up and pass her with the "But I don't want to" whine with the wide open mouth and squinty eyes?!?!

I will update.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

You KNOW it's love when.....

your wife gives up her walk-in closet for you to set up your drum kit!!! That's about all I can say!

Besides we are going to go to Wisconsin to pick up aforementioned drum kit and we get to see my BEST friends Kim and Paul!!! There may be some sangria's and margarita's imbibed, pretty sure of that. I will be the first time in FOREVER that Greg and I have gotten a hotel room and had the evening ALONE!!!!

Yay! I can hardly wait.

Puppy update: Alex is still in the family. I still feels the same way about him. He is doing much better about poops and pees in the house and isn't chewing as much!