Monday, August 31, 2009

Is it over yet....

This month has been good, but very busy. Lauryn started school today, without a lunchbox too. The time got away from me and we forgot. So she brown bagged it.... won't kill her!
She said she had a wonderful day, and that she didn't have any homework, of course I didn't think she would.
Liyah met her pre-school teachers today. She was soooo very excited. Then mommy has to be a hardnose with the transportation dept. about getting the bus out here. I don't know if I will win or not, but it may make a difference in whether she goes to school or not. AAAAHHHHH! I hate things like this.
We had a wonderful 3 day vacation last week. Actually got to swim at the beach one day. The other two days were toooooooo cold! Rats, but of course the one day we went mommy didn't take care of herself and got a MAJOR sunburn, still hurts 5 days later. Why do I do that?!
No catastrophic happenings on vacation. Liyah fell out of the camper door once, and was sure she broke her leg. That changed as soon as she got out to go to the playground again! Lots of bug bites, and cold mornings. We fished in a little pond on the campgrounds, Greg caught a little trout and I caught a small trout, sm stripped bass and a large sunfish (about 9 inches long and wider than my hand). We had fun, Lauryn wanted to catch some fish so bad. She caught a small turtle (by the front leg nonetheless). Wanted to keep in for a pet. She was devastated when I threw it back in the water. But then again, she wants to keep every little frog and toad she catches too!!
The only other "annoying" event was when Liyah went out to play in the playground and played in the car instead. Ran the battery down when she left the lights on, we had to have it jumped 2x's before it would stay running!! That was enjoyable. Greg wasn't happy at all, I think he was getting too hungry and we were planning on going out to eat (something about not wanting to roast hotdogs two nights in a row, what's up with that?!).
We made it home just fine and no one was worse for the cold, sand or bug bites!! Although I think we are all still ITCHING!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Earwax Song

Okay, this was something that entertained the girls on our 3 hour trip down to Dundee on Saturday. Greg thinks I'm teaching them stuff that may or may not be appropriate. I said, "Atleast it doesn't have anything to do with Poop or Farting!!"

Enjoy, if you can.....

Earwax Song: (to a tune I can't remember now)

Earwax, earwax
I like to play with earwax.
Earwax, earwax
Yellow sticky goo.
Earwax, earwax
I'll wipe it all on you.

Earwax, earwax
Sticky, icky earwax.
Earwax, earwax
I roll it all around.
Earwax, earwax
Then flick it on the ground.

Then I ran out of words that rhymed. We were all laughing so hard we forgot to make up anymore. We tried making other silly songs, but couldn't come up with a topic that was a gross/funny as this!

If you have a funny song that you sing with your kids, or maybe you sing it to yourself when you are ready to go insane, I'd love to read it. I'm always open to fresh funny things to get my kids minds off the mundane things in life!

I couldn't do this without my family

I wouldn't have any material to share with those out there reading my blog!!
Greg has informed me he and the girls have made a pact (a tight one) that they are going to do their best to continue to give me material for my blog. I'm sure they didn't have to sign any contract to make it a sure thing either!
I love my family, I love, love, love them!!! I did inform them that if they want me to have a long and healthy life they should not hasten my trip to "Insanesville". If Greg wants to be sitting in rocking chairs, gumming down our dinners, and yelling to hear what each other is saying without our hearing aids he'd best let me keep some of my sanity!
This past week has been busy. Everyday G.P. has thought that her sister Linda was coming to take her to Ohio for a visit. I had to keep reminding her that we were meeting her in Dundee on Saturday! It really doesn't do much good, but she wants to know. We successfully passed her on to Linda yesterday. Had a great lunch together before heading back home.
Now the four of us are gearing up to go camping this week ahead. We are going up north to Manton, MI for three nights at a campground where my parents have their RV sitting. It's the first time all summer we've been just the 4 of us, and I'm looking forward to spending some quality time (and quantity) with Greg and the girls, without other responsibilities.
There really isn't much in the way of "stories" to share with you my readers. Except for the fact that I've been looking for the package of ponytail holders for a week and finally found them when I cleaned the kiddie pool in the back yard this afternoon. Of course Liyah didn't know where they were!!!! It was about 200 of those little ouchless bands, had to rake them out of the yard. Hope the cats don't eat them and get "bound up" LOL.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How does time fly...

so quickly!
It wasn't that long ago that I wrote, was it.
Today has not been a good day, in my head. I haven't wanted anyone to talk to me, touch me, look at me... and of course all that and more has gone on all day. I've wanted to be snappy, selfish, grouchy and hibernate. I've grocery shopped, fixed meals, snacks, boo-boos and hair. I've wanted to scream, yell, cry and whine. I've kissed, hugged, smiled and tried my darnedest to talk nicely to everyone! I've wanted to read, sleep, eat (chocolate) and runaway. I've cooked, cleaned, dressed (myself and 2 others) and worked around the house.
I have done really well at ignoring the dirty bathroom, laundry room, master bedroom (and girls room to be honest). I've read books, played Barbies and dropped of videos @ the library (with 2 overdue books).
Have you ever had "one of those days", this was one for me (and no I'm NOT PMS-ing).

Lauryn starts school on the 31st of this month. G.P. is going down to Ohio again to visit Linda and her other sisters (until Labor Day). Liyah starts pre-school on Sept. 8. Greg and I are starting up a business with my parents. We are going camping next week. I'm needing a hair cut, as well as Lauryn and Liyah. I've got 2 cleaning jobs this week. I don't know why everything has waited until the end of summer vacation to happen but that is the way it's going. Of course if I could have spaced things out I wouldn't be rushed and stressed and then what would I have to write about.
I think I need a good weekend at a really inexpensive spa, sans husband, mother-in-law and children. Girlfriends definitely. I gotta go, the girls are getting tucked in and I want to say goodnight..... FINALLY!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I forgot to mention that Lauryn's two top teeth are coming in well now! She helped them along by falling flat on her face on the heat register in our living room floor and slicing her gums from one tooth to another. I could see the teeth really well, under all the blood (the b-word as Lauryn says). The next morning the cut was all healed shut. By Wednesday you could see them both coming in really well. She is really tickled about finally seeing some teeth there, as is mom. We have yet to see if they will be straight or not! Just another example of how any ordinary day in this house can go from playing games and having fun, to utter insanity in an instant.
I'm not even going to mention the argument I had with GP this week about wearing Depends now! I think it's a necessity and she thinks they are for "old people"! Go figure who won that argument! Underwear probably wouldn't sell in a yard sale would they?!

I really don't know...

what Lauryn would be better at, being a member of a debate team or in the cast of a play!
She argues with everyone about everything, ie. as a 2 year old I said to her, "Look, Lauryn, isn't it a beautiful day! The sun is shining, the sky is blue, the grass is green. God is so good." To which she replied, "The sun isn't shining, the sky isn't blue, the grass isn't green and it isn't a beautiful day!!" True story, no joke. Two years old.
Then again, we were watching Americas Funniest Videos tonight and there was a video of two little girls at the dinner table. One was saying the prayer and the little one was yelling, "no, no, no!" that made the girl saying the prayer cry and scream because her little sister ruined her prayer. That went on about 2-3 times, Greg and I just sat here and laughed, it was so much like Lauryn and Liyah!! Makes you feel better about being a parent when you see others children acting the same way as yours.
There are very humorous times when we laugh about things that the girls do and say. Like at lunch on Friday. We were all sitting at the table talking and eating, Lauryn says, "I tooted and it smells like an old bullfrog burping" WHAT!?! Where does she come up with these things. I'm pretty sure I've never said that, things like that maybe, but I've never said that. That is too funny. I actually got up and wrote it down so that I would remember that for the blog!
We've had a very busy week. I'm not sure where the time went, I'm pretty sure that I was up and running from early to late Wednesday through Saturday. I'm helping my 99 year old grandpa keep his house clean now that my cousin Lydia (shout out!) is going away to college this fall. That was an interesting time. He's not very clear on the short term memory, but he is quite capable of telling you stories from the past. I now know that his brother Woody started smoking a pipe on his father's knee when he was 2 yrs. old, was an excellent electrician and what jobs he worked in after WWII. Not saying there was much of that I needed to know, but it was good to sit and "talk" with gramps.
I don't know what else to write about. I could give you the Liyah and nail polish part 2... you have to read part one in my last blog entry. I was cleaning up the musical potty chair for the yard sale (Aunt Jane's having one this weekend and we decided to add our leftovers and some "new" items) and set the cleaner on the edge of my tub (it's all natural and won't poison any one if they accidently swallow any). While I was picking things up from the closet floor to put in the boxes to go, Lauryn comes into the bathroom and says, "Mom, you better come see what Liyah is doing in our bathroom." So off I go to the other end of the house, she has taken the cleaning spay and sprayed it all over the toilet lid and the wall. Then tried to clean it up with half a roll of TP. Wet, globby, mess but no Liyah to be found. I quickly wiped it up and threw the wet TP in the garbage can and went on the hunt for Li. She didn't answer when I called and she didn't show up either. I walked into my bedroom and guess what I find.... Liyah sitting on a tote painting her nails with poppy pink nail polish. All five nails on her left hand, fingers and polish on her chin. The nail polish bottle is tipped over on the floor and the carpet has a nice dime sized spot of poppy pink on it. Remover takes off polish from nails, finger and chin... not so much carpet!! How does one 3 year old get into so many things in such a short amount of time? Bigger question, how does one 3 year old forget that just the day before she was given a spanking for doing the same thing. Since I've sold all my nail polish in the yard sale this weekend, I will soon discover what else my daughter will find of mine to play in, of that I have no doubt!!
Another busy week coming. Let's just wait and see what we have to get into!!