Friday, December 31, 2010

My Top 10.....

Love/Hate Relationships of 2010!!  I know hate is a strong word, but work with me people!  There are many things/people in life that cause us to be annoyed, perturbed & down right INSANE!!  This is just my short list of the things in my daily life over the past year that have contributed to the insanity.....

#10: My Laundry "room"....sure, it's a necessity when you have a family of 5.  That doesn't mean I have to love it!!  It's open to the public, it's messy (no matter how many times I organize) & it's right inside my back door.  Yet, it cleans our clothes, holds our coats & on rare occasions when she sneaks in it keeps the cat warm!

We won't even discuss my love/hate relationship with the bra!!

Rating on the Love/Hate scale: 2 out of 5 <3's
My resolution: keep it cleaner, buy more organizational tools, keep the cat out!

#9: The girlies room...yea, I think every mom has a love/hate relationship with their kid's rooms!!  I love that it is cute, colorful, girlie & shared.  Hate, that it's in a perpetual state of upheaval (like my emotions upon seeing it)!
Too many toys?  What else is a kid to do?!

Rating on the Love/Hate scale: 3 out of 5 <3's
My resolution:  Stay out & relax!  This too shall did for me!

#8: The oven....okay, I've made mention before that I'm not a baker.  I do LOVE to cook tho'.  So why the love/hate?  It's old, it stinks and it won't come clean (no matter what I use).  On the other hand, I love fixing meals and hot tea.  I love that it will bake, when I want to pop open the box of cake mix!

I like my cast iron grill/griddle it's worth one <3!!

Rating on Love/Hate scale: 4 out of 5 <3's
My resolution:  Save money up this year to get a new one!!  'Nuff said

#7: My closets....the new ones that we bought.  The ones that I measured the walls for...the ones that were supposed to fit!!  HAHA
I love that they hold a lot of junk stuff, hate that they block the one large, south facing window in my bedroom!

Here they are in there big brown glory!!

Rating on the Love/Hate scale: 3 out of 5 <3's
My Resolution: Deal with the size (it was my fault) & possibly cover them with paper.

#6: The pantry....for those of you who may not have one, I sincerely apologize for the lack of discipline in making mine worthy of being called a pantry!  I love that it is so large!  Walk in pantry anyone?!  I hate that it is so big & is one of the few places I have to store things!  Yes, yes that is a nice sized freezer in my pantry.  Please, don't have pantry's not all it's cracked up to be.

Yep, the micro is in there too.  The shelves on the door my dad salvaged @ the dump & hung for me!

Rating on the Love/Hate scale: 4 out of 5 <3's
My resolution:  Stock what I need, get rid of the unused & buy more storage containers

#5: My new gadget....the nebulizer.  I hate that it ties me down for 90 minutes a day.  LOVE that after a treatment I can breathe.  Okay, the breathing thing should clue me in that this is not a thing to be hated.....
I'm actually breathing on it while posting!

Rating on the Love/Hate scale: 4 out of 5  <3's
My resolution:  To work @ getting better, so I don't have to use this long term

#4 & #3: My kitchen/dining room flooring & my bathtub/surround.  Yep, it's definitely Hate here.....the flooring is old lino that has seen better days.  No matter what I use to scrub it, it does not come clean.  Add to that the fact that it's WHITE....and did I mention the family of 5!!

The bathtub/surround...what can I say.  I have to love it a little, it's the place I can go to get clean (I like being clean & smelling nicely).  Yet, the surround is loose from the wall and grows things behind it, I know it washes out when I scrub.  The garden tub isn't my cup of tea either.  The short, stubby legs make it "slightly" dangerous to get in & out of!!

Self explanatory people!!!
Rating on the Love/Hate scale:  3 out of 5 <3's
My Resolution: Short of renovating both rooms, keep it as clean as possible.  Try not to lose the sanity over it!

#2: The couch.  Oh, how I have LOVED my couch!!  I have gone through 2 pregnancies (& now a bout of pneumonia) sleeping on this couch!!  It's been a soft place to sink into & relax.  It's days of being useful is over I'm afraid.  It has succumbed to children jumping, and the hubby "plopping" down!!  I think I feel tears coming on......

Oh, the Humanity!!!  Spare Me!!

Rating on the Love/Hate scale: 4 out of 5 <3's
My resolution:  Keep hunting for the perfect vintage/ MCM couch!!  Hope I find it soon or someone's gonna get goosed!!

#1: My Family!!  Yes, you know them.  The whole reason I started writing this blog.  The main reason for the insanity of my life!  I hate that they are all stubborn, opinionated, strong-willed and grumpy (note: "they" haha).  I LOVE that they love me!  They love me for who I am.  They love me no matter what I look like.  They love me when I'm sick or feeling good.  They love me when I'm in a depression & they love me when I'm feeling good and enjoying them life.  They love me through my stubborness, opinions, strong-will and grumpiness!  Yea, I know, they are pretty awesome!!

The family!

Rating on the Love/Hate scale: 5 out of 5 <3's
My Resolution:  To love them better, smile more, laugh more,  be patient with them more & listen more.  To help them become better people, my mission this coming year 2011!

Thank you, to all my readers, who have gone through the year with me!  I may not know you, you may not have commented (what's up with that, I don't bite) but I'm hoping that the things I've written and shared have inspired, challenged, changed & mostly kept you from going over the edge to insanity!

Blessings to all this coming year, may we all challenge ourselves to be better moms, dads, CHILDREN, MIL and people in general.  Love, Jeanette

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Even tho' it's that time of year....

when the bank account is low and the gift count is high, there is NEVER a wrong time to go out thrifting.  You can't just sit back and wait, someone else may get that perfect "thingie"....right?!  RiGHt!!  TELL ME I'M RIGHT!!  (please)

So, of course, I'm taking advantage of asking my cousin to come down and watch the girlies while I go out and run "errands".  Honest, I'm going out and paying bills, running packages to the PO and stopping @ the grocery store.  YET, there is something sooo wrong about going past a thrift store when you have some free minutes to spare, and not grab the opportunity!!

So, I did!  I went to a Goodwill one day.  Spent some money on the hubby and the girls for a few last minute Christmas gifts.  3 shirts for the hubs & two pair of jeans (all name brands, all for less than $15).  A couple pair of shoes and a new winter hat for Lauryn (had to take the shoes back since one pr too sm, other too lg.)  The hat, perfect!  Oh, and a new grey wool hat for the man too! (I may need to talk him into doing some outfit posts as he is more easily fitted into vintage clothes than I am).

Then my second day out paying bills, and returning above said shoes to Goodwill (which I did & didn't BUY anything there) I stopped @ what I would call a "junk" shop.  Thrift store, yet owned pretty much by a junker/picker, one of those places where u know u'll have to do some digging!!!

I drive by this place about 4-5 X's a month, and keep telling Greg that I want to stop someday and see what he's got, and what kind of prices.  Well, I was alone, and had some time soooo.....

Here's what I found: Origami Made Easy ($1), Pyrex covered dish ($2), Pyrex meas. cup ($1), 2 Bobbsey Twins books (1943 and 1955 editions $1 ea.) and The Triplets Go Places (Teddy, Iva & Iona Baer--anyone else remember these books? $1 ea.).  MY FAV-FAV-FAV purchase!!  The little birdies salt & pepper shakers!!


They were sitting so pretty in a glass case on the countertop.  I saw them as I first came in.  They were marked $4, so I wanted to see what my other options were throughout the store first.  I had found all the rest of my purchases, and went back to look @ these "feathered" friends.  After tallying in my head what I would be spending, I decided I wanted them!

So I asked the man behind the counter (the owner I presume, old, on oxygen, large and hands the size of a gorilla) if I could see the little china birds S & P shakers sitting in the front of the cabinet.  My first breathless moment was when he put his ham of a hand in there and knocked one little birdie off the roost.  Yikes!

Then he grabbed the other bird and the roost and pulled them out ONLY TO DROP THE OTHER BIRD ON THE FLOOR!!!!!   Ahhh, poor little birdie.  He kicked around with the toe of his boot until he found the bird on the floor then bent to pick it up....sad little bird had lost it's tail in the fall!!  Sad little big me!!  The big, old, oxygen tank tethered man couldn't find the I asked if I could come behind the counter & look for it!  He said, "yes" & I went back there and found the little guys tail laying on the edge of the cabinet!!  

It was a clean break, so I was still considering buying the little cuties & fixin it!  The guy says, "if you still want it I'll sell it to you 'cheep, cheep'"  HA!  I told him, I'd go $2 on it (1/2 off and I'm not going to ReSell them, they r too cute).  SCORE!!

So, now the birdie is fixed & enjoying a life of freedom outside of it's little glass case!

Oh, I forgot to tell you about the pie/plate holder I got @ the same store for $2!!  I've been looking for one of them.  Right now it's a perfect stand for some of my  S & P shakers!!

Did you thrift over the holidays?  Was it for you, or someone else?  We thrifted for most of our family gifts this year....even the girlies bought for each other @ Goodwill!  They did an awesome job finding each other gifts that were really appreciated by the other one!!

Drop me a comment & some links if you have a thrifty blog!  I love to read of other's finds!

Happy Holidays & a VERY BLESSED NEW YEAR from the Frumpy House to your house!!

The Expected Christmas post....

hehe!  I think most of the blogs I follow have done their Christmas posts & have moved on to their NYE/resolution/goals for 2011.

Me, I'm a little slow!  Lazy, yes....this time tho' I've had a good excuse with a 2nd trip to the ER and some time off work recuperating!

So, now I'm back @ work, feeling better, breathing better & not coughing up a lung!!

I did want to share a few pics of the girlies on Christmas morning....just cause they r so darn cute!!
Here goes.....enjoy!

Lauryn helping Liyah read what her gift is....soft earphones!!
Li feeding her new toy bear--Fur Real!

Don't ya just love the faces ur kids have when they find something they love!
(yes, my kids r dressed, they slept that way!!)

momma got 100k in her stocking...not because I've been so good....but to pay of ER bills!!

Meal times were as easy as I could possibly make them.... turkey in the crock pot first thing in the morning.  Cinnamon rolls out of a can....albeit, I put them in the form of a Christmas tree, so there!!

The table was set with some vintage plates,  creamer and sugar bowl & etsy & ebay purchases!!

Momma got a nap after lunch, and the wonderful hubby did dishes....the girlies played with their new things, and sent messages to Aunt Cheryl (our Christmas day guest) on the DS's.  A very relaxing, family day!

Later we had some dessert and snacks (yummy crab dip that the sis brought over!) to end our festive day!

Daddy & Lauryn chillin' on the couch later that evening....notice the DS still in her hands!!
There u have it....Christmas @ The Frumpy House.  With a dad, two girlies, an aunt & one sick momma!!  Loved every minute of it!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Search for the Tree....

has ended!!  Yea, for me!  I wasn't in the mood to decorate a 7' tree again this year (thank goodness I had already made up my mind about that before I got pneumonia) & had sold our artificial tree in a school fund raising yard sale last spring.

So this year there was the need for a new tree.  Now it has been within the last year that I've gotten interested in the vintage thing online (blogs, etsy, ebay, etc.).   Last year I wasn't even thinking about vintage trees, let alone a WHITE tree!!  But after seeing some beauteous white trees on some of the blogs I frequent, I decided to bite the bullet and go for it.

Well.... ebay had some, but the bidding didn't end till too close to get them, put 'em up and decorate.  Lauryn, you know the contrary one, said ick to a white tree.  Heaven forbid it should be a 4 footer!

But, who's the momma?!  That's right, MOI!!

So, since I was sick and didn't have the energy to go out shopping....I checked out ebay.  Found a perfect New 4' white pine tree!!  yeehaw....purchased it and it was @ our house in 3 days.

Lauryn was quite disappointed in the size until she saw it all lit up (with vintage lights I bought @ a yard sale this fall for .25),

Had the tree in one spot, changed it to a different one!

These little angels are my favs.  Made with lace, pipe cleaners, feathers, pom poms and other adorable things.  (set of 12 from mom)

found a set of tiny vintage snowmen ornaments @ above mentioned yard sale!  Too cute

a couple vintage ornaments that came from Greg's mom!

Our tree topper!!  A vintage cardboard angel with angel hair .  It was my parents first tree topper!

Well, that is that.  Momma got her tree, and momma's happy!!  The girlies like it too, even if at first trepeditious!  Greg, he doesn't long as there is a place for the presents, eh!

The Things we do at Christmas

Since I haven't been able to get online and post on the blog this past week, while recuperating, I've tried to get a few pictures on the good ol' iPhone.  So that when I was able to get on the computer....I'd have something to share with all of you good readers.  So here goes.....

We started out the holiday season with Liyah doing her pre-schools "Holiday Sing".  I was working that night and couldn't make it to the little recital (according to the songs she sang me later that night it was a repeat performance of last years).  Greg said she did great, she loves her some singing and performing.  Greg tried to take pics with his cell and was told in no uncertain terms that it was full!!  Full!?  Why aren't phones programmed to give you fair warning that they are going to be full, so you can get a new SD card or download....hmmmm.  Didn't get any pics.

Lauryn's school program came next.  She is in a class of students learning to play the penny whistle this year.  They performed "Mary had a Little Lamb" since we believe Mary had baby Jesus, the Lamb of God.  She was sooo excited.  She also likes to get up and perform, although she will tell you she is shy!

She wore a new dress I ordered her from Miss Jenny's "Frecklewonder" shop on  (Miss Jenny has awesome taste in vintage clothes and accessories....check 'em out!!)

She did really well, considering she didn't practice @ home much!!  

On the 12th of Dec. we got together with my family.  Dad, mom, sisters and fams (except my youngest sister and her family as they live in FL.  That's why we did early Christmas 'cause the parents were getting ready to head down to spend Christmas with them).  It's a fairly simple gathering.  We used to do the whole "get everyone presents/draw names and buy presents" thing.  Now it is just a night where the grandkids get presents from grandpa and grandma, Aunt Cheryl (who doesn't have her own) & my parents give socks to all the grown children (w/ a $50 bill in them!).

The girls loved opening the first presents of the season....of course.  Aunt Cheryl does books for all the kids since she's a librarian.  They love that.  She also did some Halloween costumes, that were marked 75% or more off, for the girlies this year.  To add to their dress up drawer!!  Oh, that was a BIG hit....for daddy too.


Li wanted to do a craft the other day.  So we got out some construction paper, I drew some block letters and the little girly cut them out.  She did such a good job, I was pleasantly surprised.  We taped them to a ribbon and hung a garland over our dining room windows.

(yes, that is a blanket over the window.  It's so cold there by the table I covered them the other morning so GP wouldn't freeze while she was eating)

Then I found this link on twitter from @thriftcore.
To make these pretty little stars.  I've got them done now....strung on a string to hang as garland.  Due to the hernia, I'm not allowed to hang them, so they are still waiting!

But they are soooo cute, and pretty easy with these directions here.

This past Sunday was a get together for my dad's side of the family.  We drove an hour north to have a delish dinner with aunts, uncles, cousins and anyone else who wanted to come!!

The food is always great at these gatherings.  Some of the kiddos had presents from parents to open, we opted out of getting the girls a gift.  Aunt Janice always gives out Beanie Baby Bears each Christmas, so they got a gift anyway.

Li playing with some cousins

Lauryn actually eating, just turkey and a dinner roll (+ dessert of course)

Beautiful snow covered trees on our way home!

Now we are waiting, having a countdown of the days.  The girls have been excited each morning this week of Christmas break.  They think every morning they are going to come out and find presents under the tree!

I'm planning on making a turkey breast and all the fixin's for Christmas day.  My sister Cheryl is coming over, since she's single and the parental units are out of state.  We are planning on some yummy food, gift opening, and some games.  Maybe  Christmas movie or two!  

My mantra this Christmas has been don't over do it.  Not that I usually do!  I'm not all into the craziness of holiday prep.  I'm liking things simple.  The less I have to do, the better off  everyone is!

I actually downsized from a 7' tree this year to an adorable 4' white tree!!  Yea!!  I'll post some of those pics later today!

Have you some wonderful holiday joy.  Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

I'm having Bloggy Withdrawal.....

It seems like FOREVER since I've been able to post anything about what is going on in the Frumpy House!  I ended up heading to the ER after I wrote the last post....I had coughed so much the hernia popped through the muscle wall and was extremely painful......they gave me Delaudin (sp ?) a narcotic painkiller.  Turns out I don't do narcotics too well, and this 200+ lb. woman (yeah I said it....if you use it against me I will have to hire thugs to break your knee caps) couldn't cope with a dose they give a 50 lb. kid.  HAHAHAHA!
I don't recall everything that went on, all I know is that when the pain finally subsided, I just wanted to sleep!  They wanted me to get x-rays...the two don't work well together.  I don't remember what I did, but I knew the tech was trying to get me to stand, hold my breath, don't move....etc.   I did whatever I could with my eyes closed.  To tell you the truth, I don't know what the ER Dr. or the x-ray tech even look like!  Whew!
Lets really hope I don't have to do that ever again.  I've already been told that next year I should get a pneumonia shot (?).  Didn't even know they had such a thing....I'll sign up, this has been the worst 6 weeks of my life, so far.  That is including post partum depression!  Speaking of having babies....I would rather push another baby out without any pain medication than go through that hernia pain again....just sayin'

So, today, I'm going to post a few fun post that go along with the holiday season!  It's been a long time, and I've really missed writing.  Hope you like the reads!!

PS.  Dr. says surgery is a must on the hernia....hmmmm that won't be any fun without insurance now will it!?!?!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Has it been Ages?

since I've last posted?  It seems that way!

I've been doing a lot....
mostly coughing!

The doctor says pneumonia!
I say, "it hurts like he**"

On an antibiotic, 
which I don't like, but what else can you do.

I'm not only tired of coughing,
I'm really tired of "sleeping'' sitting up on the couch.
So's the hubs
(tired of ME sleeping on the couch).

It's been almost 5 wks. since I got sick.

During that time I have....
put my back out (coughing)
pulled muscles (coughing)
gotten a hernia (coughing)
made people look @ me like I have the plague (coughing).

I'm sitting/standing/leaning here now coughing
between letters, words, sentences.

I have never been so sick
in my 

I really just want this
all to go away!!

That is my Christmas wish,
(& a little some'n, some'n with the hubs wouldn't hurt either)
to get rid of the wheezing, coughing and sleeping sitting up.

An EARLY Christmas present
wouldn't hurt either!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nesting Nutcrackers...

like a new toy!

I found these Nutcrackers @ a local thrift store for $2.  Since I didn't have any nesting dolls, and find them quite fun, I thought I might as well pick them up.

Liyah working her magic with the Nutcrakers!

I guess I should have realized how much fun the girls would have with them!! 

 Now if only I can get them to SHARE and not fight over whose turn it is!  Or find another set (no they would then only fight over who gets the "new" ones).