Monday, September 21, 2009

the In-Laws

Da-da-da-dummmm. Well here it is Monday evening. Greg and I made it home before Grandpa Frump pulled in. Whew, that was a close one. Greg and I had a 2:15 pm meeting in Grand Rapids this afternoon and didn't even get started until 3:50 pm.... the only good thing about it was the babysitter had to deal with Lauryn and her homework tonight, THANKS MOM!!
Grandpa Frump and Grandma Patty don't get along... to say the least. It has nothing to do with her dementia either! So she's not looking forward to him being here, and Greg and I are doing our best to make sure all goes well. Grandpa stays as happy as we can keep him, and we don't leave the two of them alone together for longer than it takes one of us to pee!!!
Grandpa came up because he has been gracious enough to loan Greg and I some money to get a minivan. That will relieve a lot of the stress of getting Liyah to and from school!!! Thank you Jesus. It will also cause us to owe G.F. money.... but that will be paid with the wonderful income tax return next spring. Again, Thank you Jesus!!
I think tomorrow will be quite the shopping experience with both G.F. and Greg looking at cars. One has certain opinions of what he'd like to buy.... call it two full weeks of internet research. The other one holds the purse strings. I told Greg it's not always easy to put away your pride and be grateful for what you get. But we WILL NOT look this gift horse in the mouth, WE WILL be grateful.
G.P. will probably think that she will be getting taxied around town everyday now that we will have a vehicle during the days Greg's at work. That will be nice to get out and about more, but it won't be everyday.... unless she wants to pay for a maid service. Something about keeping things running smoothly in a house of 5 keeps me home the majority of the time!
Although, the babysitter did do 3 loads of laundry while we were gone too!!! Now I'm going to have to pay her more money (although 0 x anything is still 0 right!) Thanks mom!!
Well, I may have some more interesting info to post tomorrow!! I'm hoping it isn't going to be a 9 am- 9 pm day!!! Whoo- hoo!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Here comes the Fall!!

The best time of the year, not freezing cold, yet cool enough to wear jeans and sweatshirts!
The girls are getting into the schedule of school and things. We just started the AWANA kids program at our church this past Wednesday evening. It makes for a late night (especially for Lauryn) and not much fun in the attitude department the next day. I think it will be worth it though.
I truly don't know where the time flies. I have yet to do the housecleaning at my sister's house. It's already Friday and I haven't quite found the time to run down there and get it done. Now today Liyah is home from pre school due to coughing and crying all night, so I will either take her down there and make her take a nap @ grandma's while I clean or go down after naps and let her play with Lauryn while I clean.... neither one is the best but you do what you have to. Cleaning is a must as it pays for the insurance on Cheryl's car that we are borrowing.
There hasn't been too many things driving me insane since the girls are in school. It is nice to know I'm not my own insanity maker. I'm for the most part pretty laid back and easy going.... until I had my own children.
QUESTION: Is it okay to tell your child she is acting like a brat? Then have to define brat to her?

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Quick Rundown

Here goes:
Sent Lauryn off to school (ahhh a little less stressful around the house)
Liyah's teachers came to visit with her @ 8:30 am
Walked 2 miles w/ mom
Had a business meeting @ 7:30 pm with potential business partner

Walked 2 miles w/ mom
Went to business mtg. in Hudsonville tonight, potetial business partner didn't show

Walked 2 miles w/mom
Went to farm down the road and loaded my dad's Dodge Ram w/ rocks (3 of us over an hour)
Brought them home and unloaded them w/ Greg
Went to Pre-school orientation w/ Liyah @ 5:30 pm (had Annie overnite)
Went to another business mtg. in Big Rapids @ 8 pm

Walked 2 miles w/ mom
Cleaned the living room carpets
Gave blood @ Red Cross blood drive in Lakeview

Lauryn home sick with fever and snotty nose
Cleaned 2 overstuffed chairs and couch with steam cleaner
Moved rocks around the flower beds (4 of them), spread lime under back porch where cats have been making a stink, threw smaller rocks under there so they won't use it for bathroom anymore
Cleaned house

Cleaned house some more
Went grocery shopping
Cleaned house some more
Grandma Patty came home, Mark, Michele, Hannah and Abigail brought here up.
Went to Craig's Cruisers with everyone

Church with everyone
Grilled lunch
Played with kids
Mark, Michele and girls headed to hotel to rest and swim before long trip home on Monday
Went to King's Trading Post for ice cream

Greg off to work
Walked 2 miles w/ mom
Girls and I coloring
Cleaned up kiddie pool in the backyard for the winter
Cleaned up doggie diarrhea from backyard
Took Lauryn, Liyah, GP and Annie to the lake for one last swim of the season
Grilling out at Dad and Mom's for dinner
Getting both girl's ready to go to school tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!!

That is my week in a nutshell, a very LARGE nutshell!
There hasn't been to many CRAZY moments, mostly just tired ones. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, when I get to have some quiet! Oh, and check out why two companies over in England have charged my debit card over a hundred dollars, pay two overdue bills and call the Dept. of Human Services because I forgot to fill out a form making sure Lauryn and Liyah continue on Medicaid! The craziness always circles back around, just like vultures!