Wednesday, November 24, 2010


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Well, I really shouldn't.....

make fun of the 7 year old for "sick days".... I've had a few myself lately!!  13 DAYS to be exact... yes the dreaded unlucky 13!

I went to work on Friday, the 12th of November.  That is unusual because it's Greg's day to work.  He was heading down to Ohio to visit his dad and take his mom to her sister's house (for a visit 'til after Thanksgiving).

Well, it wasn't until I pulled into the parking lot at work that I started not feeling so very good.... achy, shaky and chilled.  Uh-oh.  Being the lady I am, I thought it may be the period thing making me feel not so good as it had started that morning and they are usually rough.  "Well, toughen up, and take some ibuprofen and get on with your day already!!"  I told myself.

About an hour later I was telling Pete (the young man Greg and I are caregivers for) that I wasn't feeling very good.... chills, aches, etc.

He couldn't get another worker to come in as she was helping out a friend.... so I stayed!

This is what we did all afternoon!

watched my new favorite show on DVD -- "the big bang theory" if you don't recognize it!!

That wasn't the end of it tho'!!

That was supposed to be an all girls-girly weekend!!  Just me and the two kiddoes hanging out, eating, shopping, doing manis and pedis and watching lots of girly movies (pretty much anything with a princess).  

Oh, no!!  There wasn't much to do, make it home and hope that I could at least get through the planned evening of snacks and movies!!  I was feeling SOOO crappy!

We got home around 6:30 pm and my mom had already fed the 2 yahoos so it was just a matter of getting the snacks out, sleeping bags/pillow pets/stuffies/books/dolls/paper/pens/pencils etc & all else that the girlies MUST sleep with to be comfy.  Then it was time for jammies, teeth brushing (hey, at least I had them brush them, who cares that they are going to be eating more junk afterwards!) and movies!!

Well, mommy got her drink and some more ibuprofen (800 mg are helping some by now) and grabbed the kleenex box, nyquil (in case I couldn't get back up to get another drink) and snacked a little to keep my head from spinning with the empty tummy/alcohol syndrome.  Then grabbed the remotes (eventually gave them up to Lauryn) and we started the movies.

Oh, I tried to make it fun, but that couch was calling out to me SO LOUDLY!!

I think about 3 hours later I was waking up and the second movie was just ending.  The girlies had made a fair to midlin mess of snacks and such, but I didn't even CARE!!!

We turned out lights after we carried the dishes of leftovers out to the counter.  NO, I didn't put lids on them, NO I didn't refrigerate the leftover salsa!  NO I didn't really care, then, that there might be mice coming in to clean up what I was too sick to.

Saturday morning.... bright and early, since the girlies don't know what it means to stay up late and sleep in late.....  I was feeling somewhat better.  Took my shower (please note, but do not hold against me that this was the last shower until Monday afternoon) and got dressed.  Convinced the girls to run in and do some errands in town, with the promise of a donut and icee at the local gas station/ pizza/ deli/ convenience store in town.  I got a coffee and a yummy apply fritter!  Lauryn got her usual sprite icee and chocolate covered pudding filled long john and Li got her fave, strawberry icee and a chocolate donut with choc. frosting and sprinkles (she was a little perturbed that the sprinkles were still the fall colors and not her fave pinks/purples/yellow/white etc....)  We sat and enjoyed a quick bite (quick being about 45 minutes before I could get them done with the donuts and get them to take drinks with us) did our errands as fast as I could possibly do them and headed home.... to the couch!  Oh, my aching body, head and joints!!!  I knew then that this was not going to be the weekend I'd wanted it to be!

For the next 3 days, until Greg came home Monday early evening.  I was in and out of high fever, coughing and wheezing and just wanting those blessed girlies to fix whatever they wanted to eat!!  

I'm proud to say, they did WONDERFUL!!  They pretty much lived on snacks, toast and water.  Once in a while I could get myself up and take some more medicine and function for a few minutes before I was back down for another sleep.... no matter what, my body was NOT going to let me get things done!!

Thank goodness my mom is next door.  The girls went down to visit her on Saturday afternoon and then I called her after they got home on Sunday and asked her to take them for a while so I could get some uninterrupted sleep!

All, in all this is how I spent the ALL GIRLS WEEKEND!!  Propped up on 4-5 pillows so that I could breath, wearing sani pads so that when I coughed I wouldn't have to change the pants, and covered with the warmest faux down filled comforter!!  I continue to sleep this way as I'm not totally wheeze free.... but thanks for asking!

I'm now on a few Rx's, just a couple!  Ahhh, pharmaceuticals that make you feel funny, give you wildly, colorful dreams and makes your heart race at odd times.  Hopefully, the ick is now gone for the rest of the winter!

yes, yes those are laxative tablets.... the mighty codeine cough syrup causes me to need that!

Thankfully, at the time of this post, G.P. nor Pete have succumbed to the freaky flu.  My hopes and prayers go out to them that it doesn't come their way....EVER!!

So, how's your week(s) been since last we chatted?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Sick One......

Almost any day that there is a sniffle, sneeze or let's say "throat clearing" from our oldest one (aka the 7 yr old :) ) she thinks she must stay home from school.  She actually took a peek out the window yesterday morning and said she was looking for snow (oh, the joy of snow days!!)

Well, this morning she woke up with a cough, stuffy/snotty nose and a fever.... so she got her wish!  A stay at home day with daddy!

Before I even got out the door for work she was bringing me art work that she had done.  We really do expect our sickies to lay low when they have to stay home from school.  So she was gearing up for a day of reading, writing, drawing and cartoons.  This is her early morning creations.....

the Art Monster, drawn for her dad!

real poop Hot dog Head, for mom
she made a point of telling me it has 3 eyes and lots of teeth!

Ah, the mind of a child!  She probably was indicating her feelings for me, and at the last minute thought she had better cross poop out and make it hot dog.......

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Busy Birthday Weekend....

So this past Saturday our oldest, aka Lauryn Marie (the 1st strong willed one, the 1st smart one, the 1st pretty one, ok enough bragging huh?) turned 7 years old!!  Yea for her ( yea for mommy having survived the first 7 yrs.) growing up so well.

My mommy heart and head reminisced about her birth, toddler yrs and pre-K.  I told her and Liyah stories about her birth and how she got sick from not being able to breast feed and ending up in the hospital with severe jaundice, and how the 2nd week she was back in the hospital with a high fever.  How she started gaining weight and getting cuter and cuter (so much so that strangers commented on her whenever we went out).  How she finally got hair at 2 yrs.  How daddy's side of that family said she looked like her daddy when he was young and how her mommy's family say she looks exactly like her.

I told her how she would bring me book after book after book after book.... yeah that many! to read to her.  How I found out she could count to 10 @ 18 mos. in her car seat, and mommy had to call daddy and grandma L. to tell them what she had just done.  How she could count the 12 steps going up to her room in Spanish when she was 2 (like Dora!).  How she could site read all her letters to her little sister when she was 3, and tell them all the sounds they made @ 4.

How she got to skip over Kindergarten (she's NOT happy with that, she thinks that Kindergarten is the easiest grade and they still get to play during school time) because she tested right out of the curriculum.  How she is now doing 3rd grade work and reading @ a 5th grade level.  How she gets her smarts from mommy and her attitude from daddy!!  HAHA

Mostly, this weekend we just told her how very proud we are to be her parents.  How she was a baby that was wanted so very much (not planned exactly, but once the line turned blue, she was wanted).  How with each and every year, month, week, and day she has learned so much and become such a beautiful girl, INSIDE and out.  That we would never trade her for any other child ( although I did tell her we would trade her for this adorable toy poodle pups that one of GP's care givers brought with her yesterday).  That she is going to continue growing in wisdom, stature and in favor with God and man.

Now I just need to get her to grasp the concept that I am not raising a child, I'm raising her to be a grown up.  I've already planted the seed that when she is 18 she's either in college or working and paying her own way!!  Let's see how that works out, I've only got 11 more years to get her ready!!

Here are a few pics from the "sleep over" she had with her cousin Annie (shame upon mommy's head for forgetting to make "final" arrangements with two other friends until it was too late!).  The pizza and chips n cheese had been devoured, the pop drunk, the cupcakes chowed down and the jammies were on.  Then came the presents and the hanging out part, until movie time (and a 2nd round of cupcakes).

This is Lauryn and Annie reading jokes to each other!  Too funny to watch!

This is the girls playing the "Don't Laugh" game, where they try to make each other laugh without cracking up themselves.

This is NOT Lauryn picking daddy's nose, she's just trying to make him laugh!

Lauryn & Annie with the new "Pillow Pet" unicorn (I cannot stress how that commercial haunts me)

Our happy 7 year old!  The day after her b-day.  Wherein she got to pick a Chinese restaurant (her fave) for lunch (of course all she eats is "sticky" rice and desserts) and sees the movie MegaMind.

All in all, it was a busy weekend and we had a great time.  My family came over on Saturday evening for even more cake and ice cream.  Birthday songs were sung, birthday spankings were given and pinches to grow inches were inflicted!  What a great weekend.

Friday, November 5, 2010

When you have a choice....

Make up a new song, or go totally, irreversibly insane!!

Okay, it was 7:00 a.m. so a little drink of somn-somn wasn't an option.... I digress!

The day started out at approximately 6:30, which for us in the Northern Hemisphere is still dark outside, very dark!!!  There was the sound of voices, rousing me up from a pretty good slumber I must say (otherwise you may just think I'm being snarky).  They were not, I repeat myself (I do that a lot since having children), NOT beautiful, melodious, make me wake up with a smile voices.  Oh, no!!  Not in the land of grumpy Frumpies!

It was Liyah, yelling at her sister to leave her alone, stop it, don't do that, be quiet, stop Lauryn!!  Yes, dear readers it was the sound of the wee one.... letting loose some fury on the sister!  Oh, I didn't stay in bed, snuggling down for another 30 minutes of rest.  Thinking that those darling daughters would somehow "work it out" and quit making that horrible noise!!  NO!  I practically jumped out of bed and sprinted down the hall (ok, ok walked quickly... as I didn't want to cause a stir if I got 2 black eyes).

In a quiet, but firm voice, I told Lauryn in no uncertain terms she was to get back in her bed, leave her sister alone and for crying out loud, DO NOT get out of bed until your clock says 7:00 or later!!!  Then I stomped calmly walked back to bed and climbed back under the warm covers!  Until 7 o'clock!!

Then I got up and jumped in the shower for a quick wake up and quiet time.... the only time I may truly have to myself all day!!  Oh, but there it is again, that wonderful, LOUD voice of the wee one!!  The one that will someday amaze people with the volume her little body can produce!  She was yelling @ Lauryn once again, don't know exactly what was going on, but found out later it had something to do with a cup of chocolate milk and who or who wasn't going to stir it (yes, folks @ our house we only sweat the BIG stuff).

So to make myself feel better, and drown out the incessant noise coming from the kitchen, through the dining room, through a closed door, through the bedroom, through another closed door and into the bathroom..... oh, yea THAT loud..... I started singing a song that we sing often in out house.

Mostly it's a song that we sing when someone has decided to have a bad day, and we want to remind them that we have the day for a purpose other than their foul mood!  It goes like this: (singing with an echo the line in ()).          

This is the day
(This is the day)
That the Lord has made
(That the Lord has made)
I will rejoice
(I will rejoice)
And be glad in it
(And be glad in it)

This is the day that the Lord has made
I will rejoice and be glad in it.

This is the day
(This is the day)
That the Lord has made!

So I sang it like that, reminding myself that this is a day, God made it and I WILL rejoice, even when the kids are cranky, the MIL is cold, the hubby is grumpy and the household is CRAZY!

Then I got to thinking.......

These are the girls
(These are the girls)
That the Lord has made
(That the Lord has made)
I will rejoice
(I will rejoice)
And be glad in them
(And be glad in them)

These are the girls that the Lord has made
I WILL rejoice and be glad in them

These are the girls
(These are the girls)
That the Lord has made!!

Sometimes I have to put extra emphasis on certain words to really convince myself, and lets just say that the volume continued to get louder as I needed to drown out the continuing yelling.  But!!  As I came out of the bedroom, all clean, dressed and awake, I felt better.  Smiling, quieter words of instruction, letting "it" run off by back like rain off a duck!  Ahhhh, yes the power of a good song!!  Even if you have to make up the words to fit your situation.

Can I get an "Amen"?!?!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Here's the Down low....

On the Halloween Costumes of 2010!  Of course @ our house the kiddoes pick out what they want to be on their own now.... no more of the cute lady bug costumes... *sniff sniff*

But, I will say they got it goin on.  They know what they want and they aren't afraid of any repercussions, ie. what other kids might think.  Two years ago Lauryn wanted to be a ghost, so we took an old white sheet, cut out eye holes, drew on a scary mouth and there she was.  The best part of that night was everyone, I mean EVERYONE, we passed that night she said, "BOO!" to!  It was too funny, that my dear friends is a child determined to do her "job"!

So this year early on Lauryn wanted to be a witch.  I thought that was quite doable, as most thrift stores have witches hats in their holiday inventory.  I was not worried about her.

Liyah on the other hand has been a princess/princess/princess wannabe since she was too big to fit into her cute little lady bug costume.... wish I had pics of her in that... they are somewhere in a file I'm sure.
This year she informed me she wanted to be a fair/princess/ballerina/butterfly.... with rainbow colored wings!!  Yeah, okay, that. will. maybe. be. doable!

So here goes.... the shopping.  # 1 Lauryn HATES shopping... will NOT go to the grocery store with me unless she can't find anyone else to mind her.  # 2 Hubby was going with, and he and I don't always agree on the choices.  # 3 We knew it may take more than one thrift store to get everything needed for that perfect costume.... how many is too many?  Mom= no limit, Dad= how hungry he is, Kiddoes=???

We went to a WISE thrift store in the town closest to us that has any thrift stores (WISE thrift benefits women and children that have been in abusive relationships).  There we found our first scores of the day.

1. Witches hat  $1
2. Witchy hair  $1
3. Ballerina tutu  $2
4. princess shoes (the must have for any princess/fairy/ballerina/butterfly)  $1


Then on to the fave thrifty shopping place.... good ol' GW (guuudweeeel as Liyah says).

1. RAINBOW COLORED BUTTERFLY WINGS!!  $1 (spied on the outdoor rack, hanging on the end)
2. Black outfit (a one piece pant suit that was in the adult section... but could easily be cut off) $3.25

That is about it... we spent a whoppin' $8.25!!

Then I bought some green eyeshadow @ Wal-Mart for 3 bucks and used that for Lauryn's face (since I couldn't come across any Halloween makeup!)  The rest of the makeup came out of my drawer @ home!!  Easy Peasy.

Lauryn was EXTREMELY psyched to be a witch, and when she saw the makeup... even without the wig.  I heard a big squeel and "thank you mom, thank you mom, thank you mom!!"

Liyah, wanted something pretty... a little sparkley, a little pink, lavender and blue shadow, an eyeliner and pink lipstick.... and she deemed herself beautiful ( I don't raise stuck up kids... they are just naturally that way!)

Here's the pics for your viewing pleasure.... let's see if you can tell who is who!
The witchiest smile she could make!!  LOVE IT

Who has a prettier smile than a butterfly ballerina?!

With my cousin Annie (the girlies think their nail polish is still wet)!

The full effect of her costume!! (and yes, she is still waiting for the polish to dry LOL)

There you have it; cheap, cute costumes and happy kiddoes!