Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Fun.....

Okay, the first part isn't all about fun, but it is about getting ready to go on vacation (I already mentioned that you say, fine, I'll probably bring it up a few more times, so suffer). I changed the oil in the van today!! Yes, me, myself (and my brother in law) He told me how to do things and with a little bit of his muscle power, I got the oil and filter changed! From now on I will not pay someone else $30 + to change my oil and filter.... I did it for about $15 (yeah me!)
That got done in about 20 minutes (another reason not to go and have someone else do it--who wants to wait longer?).

Then the FUN stuff on schedule for the day. Our girls are very involved with our local library (I think they've been there 3x's this week).

#1. mom LOVES to read and is too cheap to buy books and magazines that I don't want for my personal library. #2. Aunt Cheryl is the Asst. Head Librarian (which means when the Head Librarian retires she's up for the position) at our local library. #3 It's a brand new library with two reading rooms, a fireplace, 8 computer desks (+3 kids computers) with online computers. #4 Lots of fun, and kids activities planned throughout the year!! #5 The kiddoes love to read and they like to check out movies (for $1) to watch!

So today they fed the kids that were involved with the summer reading course (20 minutes each day for elementarty kids, and 10 minutes a day for pre-K) some lunch and cake. Then they had a Foaming Finish Party..... Let's just say they kids had a BLAST!

They had the local firestation come out with a couple of their trucks and the firemen used a shop vac (with a reverse suction), a 30 gal. trash can, Mr. Bubbles bubble bath, and the firehose to make a huge tub of bubble, bubBLES, BUBBLES!!!! There were about 20 kids in the tub at one time just throwing, rolling, hiding and playing in the bubbles. Of course, no one wants to go home all soapy so they turned a couple of fire hoses on and let the kids run through the spray!! The kids had a blast... literally, and the adults that were there had a great time taking pics and laughing at the kids playing!

I will have to post the pics I took later since I forgot the cord to hook my phone up to the computer here at the library!! Keep an eye out for them.... they are too much fun!

What kind of things have you and your kids done this summer? Taken trips, gotten involved in local activities?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Timid Attempt...

at doing a make-over. I love, love, LOVE looking at and reading blogs, mags, books, etc about make-overs. From clothing/makeup to homes and gardens. There are quite a few blogs that I read that have to do with DIY projects. I'm all for the person who can go to a flea market, thrift store, yard sale, junk shop and find a promising piece of furniture, decor, etc. and take it home and make it fit into their home.

So one day I decided to stop at the little "junk" shop in our town called "Small Town Treasures" and browse. They had a sign up that said 50% off sale.... so why not look, eh!

There was a lot of things in there that I liked a lot, including a very vintage dresser and bureau that were from the 30's or 40's. I didn't have the money or the conveyance to get those puppies home, so I kept browsing....

Then I came across this old looking chair. It had a neat shape, a cool print (even tho' I could see it was pretty faded in spots) and came with an ottoman. The price was $20, so I would pay only $10. That sounded good and allowed me to buy an old floor lamp (cast iron w/ ivory paint) and a small table lamp (made in Italy with a solid marble base) for $10 and $3, respectively.

The chair needed some TLC, and I new I could do it. So I sprayed it with a cleaner I found at the Family Dollar store (it is amazing for all cleaning jobs, especially laundry) called L.A. Awesome cleaner ($1 for a 64oz spray bottle of it). Scrubbed that into it and let it stand while I set up the steam cleaner. I steamed the filth out of that baby in one day and let it dry outside in the sunshine. What a difference a little steam makes!! It smelled better, and it looked better.

Then I took it home, and have enjoyed sitting in it with my feet propped up on the ottoman!! My own little space! BTW readers, I knew there was an affinity with this chair when I saw it.... when I looked under the chair it said it was made in 1969~~good vintage year!

Here are some pics:

The color of the chair now is a creamy color with an olive print. The very dark spots are where I sprayed the cleaner before steam cleaning it. The large spots were oily looking, from years of someone's head and legs being on the chair and ottoman.

This is the new and improved chair and ottoman (also the "new" lamp is sitting behind it now). The oily stains came out. The musty smell is gone (it took about a week after shampooing for my sensitive nose to not notice the "basementy" smell from the chair). I took the skirt off the chair and the ottoman, because I liked the wooden legs much better (it made it look more "modern" and not so grandmotherly). I'm thinking about putting some kind of trim around the bottom of both. What do you think? To trim or not to trim (I'm talking about the chair perverts :) ).

Well, I hope you enjoyed this.... my virgin quest into upgrading/renovating old furniture. I'd like to do more.... when I have the money. I'm really needing a new couch, so I'm keeping my eyes open at the GW and ReStores! Best of luck in all your DIY endeavors... may they make you happy.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Wow, it's getting here, the vacay! I'm excited about getting out of the house... away from the small town (going to an even smaller town hehe).... away from work... yet cannot get away from the kiddoes!! Shazzaamm!

It's true, I have to take the kiddoes with me, here's a tissue for ya, and spend the whole week with them in a cabin at Vagabond Resort ( which is owned and operated by some friends of my family. The wonderful part is that my mom and dad, and my sisters and the bro-in-law, along with nieces and nephews will be there to provide backup!

"WAIT" you say, where is the hubby going to be? Well, friends he is going to be holding down the fort here in our little town, going to work M-F for his 10 hours of wi-fi fill. Due to the fact we don't want to leave Mr. Pete in the lurch he has voted to stay home and "bring home the bacon" so to speak. I will be sad that he isn't there to talk to, take long walks with, snuggle by the campfire with, and wrangle the kiddoes with!!

I'm really excited.... I think!

A stay here....
Some major play time.....


WOW I'M GONNA HAVE ME A SWEET VACAY!!! I'll post some real pics from the vacation when we get back (unless I can get online there and post from the phone)
Sweet summertime to all my readers.... may all your vacations be like a dream!

My day Yesterday!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

For those of you on a need to know basis....

and those of you who don't follow me on FB (why don't you?). This is a pic of the rebel coming out of me. Considering the very conservative upbringing, and the parental units living next door (and still willing to share their disapproval) this is quite the step for me, even at 40 something!

I really have been wanting a tattoo for quite a few years and finally had the time (out one night on a date with the hubby (my mom says that's it no more babysitting for us)). So I drew this up with the help of the tattoo artist, and picked the colors out. I'm really happy with it! Now I'm thinking about getting an arm band of interwoven daisies and black-eyed susans, with some green vining.

For those of you who may think I'm "out of control", rebellious and a heathen (LOL) at least I wasn't drunk when I got it done!! =)


If I laugh any harder I'd pee my pants

Probably one of my favorite comediennes of this day and age!! Can not tell you how she makes me laugh. She is also seen on GMA once in a while. See, you can be a Christian and have a hilarious life (she's a pastor's wife at that). I hope that all you ladies enjoy this for the day.... whether you've lived long enough to be a wrinkled one or not (it will come to you).

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

WOW Wednesday

Worn Out Woman Wednesday...... It isn't that I don't have things that wow'd me this week. It's just that I'm too worn out to really care. I have a light at the end of the tunnel in that GP's sister will be taking her this Saturday, for at least 2 weeks. Next week Lauryn will be gone 3 days for another camp. The good thing about this one is that she had to work to earn her way!! No money out of our pockets! How wonderful is that?!?!

Lest you think I experience pure JOY at the exiting of my oldest daughter, let me assure you, I only experience PEACE when she exits. It is a blissful experience.

So, for a period of time the family will be down to 3 of us. Greg, Liyah and I. I really hope it isn't too wonderful, it may bring on dreams of a smaller family. How wonderful it would be. NO!! I. Cannot. Go. There. Must. Remember. "I love my strong willed children, I love my strong willed children!"

I do love my strong willed ones.... for the few minutes in the morning when they wake up and give me hugs and smiles, and say they love me, and that yes, they did have a wonderful sleep.... until they realizes we don't have what is wanted for breakfast, and all H*ll breaks loose.

Li informed me this morning as I was in the shower.... "MOOOOOOOOM we don't have anything for breakfast except cereal and toast!" My "rise above the fray" response, "Okay".
She walked out and I didn't hear anymore about it. She was happily eating cereal when I came out! Aha moment, if they are starting to get their whine on, simply let them know that you know, and it's okay!

"Mooooom, Li took my new shoes and drew on them with markers" -- "Okay"

"Mooooom, Lauryn won't let me play games on the computer, she's been on forever!" -- "Okay"

"Mooooom, she won't let me play", "Mooooom, she won't stop copying me", "Moooom, Moooooom, Moooooom" --OKAY! and smile! =)

If I could wish upon a star....

I would probably wish to live in a different building than what I live in now. Not that I am ungrateful in a day and age

where more and more people are losing their homes, but living in a singlewide trailer (no matter how nice it is) is really

not where I had always dreamed I'd live.

Here are a few places that I would love to abide..... A nice quiet, country fieldstone house

A beautiful round yurt, in the mountains next to a lake or river.............

Or take me to places all over the country and let me stay in a cool vintage Airstream trailer...... new place every week

Photo courtesy of A 1969 (good vintage year) Overlander

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Maxwell House Time for Coffee - Singing Coffee Pot

As I've mentioned before, I really like coffee. I think if it didn't keep me up all night I would probably drink it all day long. I'm not a coffee snob; I like mine all sorts of ways. Iced, blended, cream and sugar, or just plain ol' black. But seeing as how I like to look at vintage things and I dream of having cool vintage furniture and wardrobe, I thought sometimes you just have to start small.... so I found an electric coffee percolator at Goodwill for $3. It was very clean and it heated right up when I plugged it in. So I brought it home and put away the huge, black, unattractive coffee maker and set the shiny, silver pot on the counter in it's place. Now every morning I hear this..... (well, not quite in tune, but you get the idea).

Blunt Card

Booo Hissss....

Yesterday was, well a day we don't want to repeat! I think it started out as any ordinary day started... kids in rare form (ie. arguing, tattling, whining). That isn't the worst of it.... Liyah has been in "Princess Camp" all week. It's at a local dance company and she hasn't ever been to a dance class before, but loves the thought of being a dancer. So we signed her up, thinking this would give us an opportunity to see if she was ready for regular dance classes. After Greg took her yesterday we can assume she is NOT ready. She went in and did her thing for about 10 minutes and then said her stomach hurt. She came out to the observation room and Greg gave her a snack. Then she decided she wasn't going to go back in and dance. So Greg's in a foul mood because there goes the money down the drain.... speaking of money down the drain.

I was at work yesterday. As you know if you have read my previous posts during the summer we go to the pool with Mr. P and help him with his exercises there. He treads for the first 25 minutes so I was enjoying the "sun" by sitting under the umbrella at the patio table. Checking out blogs on my iPhone (and playing my fav game "words with friends" an online scrabble game). When it was time to get in and help Mr. P with his walking I laid the phone on the table and got in the pool with him. About half way through the workout the wind pick up the umbrella (attached to the table), table and one of the chairs from the deck and deposits them into the pool (about a 4-5' distance away). You guessed it, my phone went with them and lay quietly at the bottom of the pool. Of course my first concern was Mr. P, who almost had the umbrella come down on his head. I got him at the side of the pool and got the table, umbrella and chair out. Then I had to dive down and rescue the phone.
Oh, iPhone, how I have enjoyed you. Having access to the interweb at my fingertips throughout the day. Being able to call and let people know where I am, taking pics with the Hipstamatic app, playing games and checking the weather! Alas, it is not to be anymore.... until we can get to the Apple store on Saturday. The AT&T store we bought it at and got the plan at couldn't help us with a replacement phone, unless I wanted to pay the 500.00 retail price. I THinK NOt!!
So we are hoping that the Apple store will have some compassion on me, and save us some beaucoup bucks on a new phone (since I've only had it for 3 weeks!!).

Oh, but the day doesn't stop there!!
While Greg and I were in the phone store trying to figure out our options, the girls were in the van with GP. Oh, all that is holy, we need your help! We cannot leave GP with the girls (specifically Lauryn) without something happening that makes GP cry. The thing is we can't figure out what it is all the time. Lauryn says she did nothing, Liyah says Lauryn was trying to change the dvd and GP was telling her to stop it, and GP says nothing except it was Lauryn.
We had made plans to go to Bob Evans restaurant for dinner, but saw that another restaurant had kids meals for 1.99. We decided to go there instead and everyone was good to go, except GP (who knows how to do a great pout). Finally, Greg just decided we would all get back in the vehicles and head home (to pb&j sandwiches).

So today, Greg is home with the "girls" again. When I left GP was still pouting and teary eyed. I had to get her out of bed to get her dressed before leaving for work, and she was not wanting to eat any breakfast. Liyah had decided that she wasn't going to go to "Princess Camp" anymore, and Lauryn was being the usual bossy big sister. Lord, help Greg today.... may I not find him, or anyone else, rocking in a corner babbling to themselves when I get home tonight!

9397173 Front Large plus equals

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Li's new talent

I get home after everyone else has had dinner, on the two days I work OUTSIDE the home. So I usually just find something quick to eat. Last night I got home and warmed up some miso soup I'd made with celery, onion, carrots and cabbage in it. I got out the chopsticks and had myself a good bowl of soup.

Then the littlest chickie comes and sees the carrots, "I want some carrots mom." So I pick up some carrot pieces and feed them to her, of course that didn't last long before she wants to get her own. So she gets out a set of chopsticks (never having used them before) and proceeds to figure out how to pick up the veggies. Here's the story in picks for you to enjoy!

I'm pretty tickled, not that she eats with chopsticks, but that she wants to eat VEGGIES with the chopsticks. Oh, and she found out she likes cabbage too, go figure!

Bon Apetit to all today.... may your chopsticks work and may the food be satisfying!!

I felt so bad...

for my little flowers in the flower bed that I went out after getting home last night and hoed the weeds out. It only took me 1 1/2 hours!! Then I so graciously watered the little buggers, cause they were thirsty, and of course this morning it rains!!

See, I can do something besides read, eat, play with new iPhone, and watch tv. It just takes some soul searching confessions to get me motivated.

See how well the beans are doing? Then there are some stray something or others... the hollyhocks are still listing, I may have to stake them to get them upright again. I think next year I will definitely be planting sunflowers again, I really miss them and the girls have been asking when they are going to grow. My mom planted some at the end of her garden, I may have to steal a few to put on the table this year! Now I have only 3 more beds to go!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

my WoW Wednesday...

I love flowers. I have tried in the past 3 years to grow some flowers. This year, my flower gardens *suck*. I have weeded them 3 times (they've needed about 10 weedings), I've planted 4 different kinds of seeds (I don't know if they have survived the weeds), and I planted "Mary" beans along the back of the front flower bed (named after my husbands great-great Aunt Mary who grew them every year, and saved the seeds for future generations (you go girl)).

So, my hollyhocks that I planted last year (from seeds) are grown tall and beautiful. Yet they are soooo depressed by the lack of attention even they are falling over on their sides and looking pitiful. My 6 lavender bushes I transplanted from my mom's flower garden are doing well, they don't take much upkeep. My little rose bush is popping out the roses, they are a pretty peachy/pink color. Then there are the wildflower seeds I planted, I really can't tell if they are flowers growing or weeds.

On a lighter note, the grape vines that we transplanted from my sister's yard last summer actually has one tiny little bunch of grapes growing.... now if I can get my act together and get the arbor built.

Wait you say, this is a wow Wednesday post and all you are doing is being all negativity and stuff.... well, I can say wow because there are other people in this world who are not as *lazy* as I am about their flowers.
I would truly love to have about a gazillion hydrangea bushes on my property. I thought about buying my first one last summer. Then I read about how to care for hydrangea's and I thought, "This cannot be done... I'm much too lazy". So today I just want to share some pics of the bush at the McHugh household (Pete's mom is a great gardener, she has 5 flower beds, and 5 window boxes (3 of them on her garage! A GARAGE with window boxes). So even tho' a quick thunderstorm blew threw while we were there, I bravely stuck my head out the slider and took these pics, just for you. For you I risk my life, well okay risk my hairdo, nope can't even say that as I haven't much hair to "do".


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sure, let me just get that for you!

How is it that children seem to know when parents are indisposed to ask for things. You know what I mean. We've already discussed the "no potty in private" season of life (I'm still sorta there). Now tho' you would think that a 6 and 4 year old would know when mommy isn't in the same room with them, looking over their shoulder, making sure they are on their best behavior that said mommy is "indisposed".
Actually I give them a heads up before I go take a shower. "Hey, I'm gonna go get a shower, be back out in about 10 minutes. BEHAVE YOURSELVES!!"
So yesterday I had everyone fed and dressed (Lauryn medicated due to fever) and all the chickies and GP settled in front of their favorite TV shows. I'm going to go get my shower....etc.
3 minutes after I get in the shower, littlest chickie opens the door and comes in, "mommy, I'm hungry. I need something to eat. I want a snack"
"Sure, let me just get that for you out of the mini fridge I have installed in my shower!" I say under my breath. "Would you like bon-bons or champagne?" Cause you know if I really did have a refrigerator in my shower that is exactly what I would have in it!
Of course, being the 4 yr old chickie she is she doesn't get the sarcasm and wit of her mother... so I have to tell her "I'm in the shower, go get your own or wait for mommy to finish in here!"
Out she goes... "And shut the door behind you!" I holler.
The thing is, this happens more than once a week! You'd think she'd learn that mommy can't do things for her when she's in the shower... or atleast pick up on the sarcasm bit!

Friday, July 2, 2010

I've got a new word for Webster's....

I coined it this morning, as I was writing the first blog post for today (I am such an overachiever). For those of you who don't know me I'm still of the opinion that swearing isn't something I should do, morals, standards, "little pitchers with big ears" so there are times where I find it is necessary to make up new and innovative words.

So today I have felt a little like the Grinch (no fun for anyone if I'm not having fun) and a little B**chy (crabby and I can't blame it all on aunt flo). Therefore, I have now declared myself "gritchy" today... so watch your little selves and your big bad attitudes.... mine could be bigger today!

It could be worse...

at least that is what I keep telling myself. Excuse me if I whine for a little today... but I'm tired and a little cranky, and somewhat selfish (mostly just for today). It's not like I couldn't talk myself out of being all these things, but then how much fun would it be for my readers?

As most of the readers who've been reading my post know the mother-in-law has been living with us for the past year and 1/2 (yes folks it has been that long and yes it feels like longer!). It wasn't because I was dying to have my housekeeping, fashion, or parenting criticized by the in-law, it was because she has frontal temporal (NOT temporary as we may have thought) dementia. She had lived with two nieces, and a sister in Ohio for the past 5-6 years. Then it got to where her sister just couldn't do the work any more (it amazingly takes a lot of physical labor to get someone showered and dressed) because of her own back problems (she's better thank God and the chiropractor).
Without going into details, Greg and I knew it would fall on us to care for his mom or put her into a nursing home (and even tho' she couldn't get her hands or speaking to work for her anymore she was adamant that she didn't want to go to a nursing home). So we made the arrangements and moved her in with us January of '09.
It has been an uphill struggle for us, and a downhill journey for GP (Grandma Patty as she is called). It has gone from her being able to feed herself to being fed 90% of the time. She used to be able to shower herself with minimal supervision, to being washed and dried off totally by me. She now puts her shoes on the wrong feet, forgets how to use the bathroom, has a hard time opening her mouth so we can brush her teeth, doesn't swallow @ times without being told, giggles and pokes at the girls like a little kid (trying to get them to interact with her, although they look at her like she's goofy) and shuffles through the house bent over like an 89 year old, even though she is only 63.

So forgive me if I vent a little bit, but it wasn't in my plan for me to have gotten my girls out of diapers, feeding themselves, dressing themselves and doing their own morning and evening rituals, only to have to take GP through it again. It's frustrating, a struggle, and a thankless position to be in. There are days when I don't want to wash and dress her again, days when I can't imagine having to feed her and sit listening to her chew w/ her mouth open. There are days where I would like to just go out and enjoy something fun with the girls and then we realize it would be hard to take GP with us/or she doesn't like to do it and refuses to go (like the beach). Of course sometimes we go and she goes with us, wether she likes it or not (just like the kids). Then a fun time is NOT had by all..... oh well

Every day I get up knowing that it could be an emotionally distraught day (and not necessarily me!). There are tantrums, pouting, crying and refusing to eat (and NOT necessarily my kids!). There are times where I just wish that I could have my own little family back-- a family of hubby, and two little chickies (who very desperately need mommy to be on a more level keel). I want to be able to travel and see friends/family/places. I want to be able to watch t.v. with out having to please everyones tastes (okay, that I can blame on GP and the kiddoes). I want to be able to go to my mom's house and visit for an hour, or more, over a cup of coffee and not have to have GP listening and or refusing to go (because, "no one likes me down there"). I want to be able to take a family vacation and not have to wonder if GP would enjoy herself, be totally lost in a new atmosphere, or try and find a good time for her sister to take her for a week (I do THANK YOU for taking her for a few weeks out of the year Aunt Linda).

You see, I am selfish, I would want someone in my old age and/or infirmity to love and care for me as we do GP. Yet, I find it hard to be happy and giving when it comes to the care and attention I need to give to GP. Most people that find out what our life is like, with the care of GP and raising a family at the same time say wonderful things about us, and what we are doing. If they only new how dried up, crazy and bitter (I won't go into the why's of THAT) I feel most days because of what has been placed in our lives, they probably wouldn't think so much of me.

But it could be worse..... there could be cancer to deal with, or genetic diseases, or any other sort of disease that many friends and relatives have/are dealing with in their family (be it children or spouses).

Besides, there is some comic relief in the mix. Like when GP sleeps on her hair and it's standing straight up on end and we say GP's rockin' out the hair do. When she comes out of her room in the morning with one shoe on and it's on the wrong foot. Like the time that she "cleaned up" the toys in the living room and it was weeks later I found Li's shoe in GP's closet, books in her dresser drawers and little toys in the kitchen cabinets or bookshelves, not to mention the remotes being found in her room under her blankets! When I mentioned that it's like a game of 20 questions and she is the only one who knows the answer, I wasn't kidding (the only difference between then and now is SHE doesn't even know the answers anymore).

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Tweet...

therefore I am... really trying to make my life more complicated. If you are a "tweeter" and would like to follow me there you can fine me under "lefrumpette" -- it's the only way I could make my last name not sound so, well, frump-y!

This is a 1st

well, I tried... I tried to write a post from my new iPhone, but obviously THAT is going to take some more learnin'! Hubby and I decided that I had made him worry one too many times and that I was going to be getting my OWN phone. We've been sharing a phone for the past year or so.
So on our date last Friday night (you really shouldn't let two people who have been with 3 needy people without reprieve for the last 3-4 mos. out alone) the hubby says lets go to the phone store and get you a phone. Since I have been drooling over every iPhone I have come across for a year or more now he to me THAT store! I must say the phone is luverly, and I have been having fun learning things and my kiddos have already been buggin' for the games on it, but I really haven't had much chance to do anything with it....

Another note about the date, the Mexican was fine, the margarita was yummy, and the tatoo was Hubby's idea! Just kidding! I did get a tattoo and it is cute and I won't make hubby get one too (as he is not too fond of pain (another reason why women have the babies)).

My week so far is great, stayed home sick yesterday again (aunt flo sure is a pain) and missed being able to post a Wow Wednesday! but I will post something this coming Saturday. I will get some pic on the new iphone and figure out how to post them to the blog....etc.

BTW.... does anyone have any great finger exercises so I can work those TEENY TINY touch screen keys!! I'm so inept! I HATE being that way, if men with big beefy fingers can do this texting/email thingie from their phones, I am DETERMINED to get it done!

I will also be posting some on Sunday as we are planning on going to Lake Michigan and swimming and watching the fireworks.... it's only supposed to be 90 degrees! No biggie (yeah right).

Ciao for now!