Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's been a long time coming....

but I finally found the perfect console record player for our home!!

I've been listening to all our wonderful vinyl on an old portable record that belonged to our small town library, back in the day when they would loan out records and record players!! It was still in working condition, but the speakers were getting shot & I didn't have the knowledge or money to fix them.

'Sides, I wanted a nice console that would hold our flatscreen. One piece of solid furniture, that would do 2 things!! Free up some space, if you know what I mean!!!

So, to tell you the back story. The man of the Frumpy House decided we should all go out on a Saturday night. The four of us Frumpies...get us some pizza (a favorite) & as we are paying I see this cute console player and a vintage stove. I jokingly tell the server "I'll take that and that to go, please!"  Turns out the owner of the family run pizza place has been trying to sell them for over a year!  I spoke with him and got was in the price range of what I've seen on Craigslist, eBay & other places on the web, but of course I offered him $50 less.

We went back this past Saturday with my dad and his truck. The owner said he'd knock off another $50 & wouldn't be held responsible if anything didn't work (it turned on but there was not good reception for the radio there in the restaurant & it hadn't played a record for that amount of time either). Fine by me!!!!

We got this pretty girl home, a 1958 Zenith, and popped a record on it. BLISS!
The radio even comes in decent in our house! Double bonus!!!

Enjoy the pics!

I had been searching for one that opened like this, so we could put the tv on top!! yeah!

Please, excuse the dust. I haven't gotten right down to the nitty-gritty of scrubbing her. Just a quick dusting for now!!

Part of the record collection on the old portable record player stand...some more in a basket by the console player!!
Huh, who knew you could go and have a pizza and find the vintage piece of your dreams at the same time!!  Have you got a great story about an unusual place that you found a great vintage (or non vintage) item?  Tell me about it!!

I will not be losing anymore sleep...

because I am studying this video from YouTube!!! Not just studying it, I'm teaching it to the whole family!!!!

Thanks to my good friend Paul who had this on Facebook this morning! 

Friday, March 16, 2012

My late night t.v. viewing...

brought me to our local PBS station. The title Alone in the Wilderness 2, caught my eye as I was flipping through the 200+ stations that rarely have anything on them....
It was a story of a man, Dick Proenneke, who at 51, decided to leave the life he had behind & venture into the wilderness. The Alaskan wilderness, 1967/68, to be exact! Armed with his 16mms Bolex camera and tripod he filmed enough footage to make into 4 films (Alone in the Wilderness, Alone in the Wilderness 2, Alaska, Silence & Solitude & The Frozen North).

From what I saw last night, and what I've viewed on YouTube, he had plans for a year of living alone in the wilderness. I've gathered that he lived there at least 20+ years. You can read more about Dick Proenneke on Wikipedia.

Go to YouTube via this video or go there and search "Dick Proenneke" or the channel "swererbob" who is the voice and editing talent behind these videos.

I'm all giddy about them! I'm ready to move and live a much simpler life! The man of the Frumpy House says we must take my dad with us, as he would have the knowledge of building a house for us!!!
There would be something so utterly satisfying in building your dwelling from scratch and with all natural supplies, catching your dinner in the fresh water lake at your doorstep and making your dessert from the wild berries that you share with the wildlife around you!!!  Finding out that you don't "need" as much as you thought you did to live a long, satisfying and beautiful life!!

It's my Christmas wish list, not ON my list, this is my list!! To have all of these videos on DVD and Dick's beautiful picture book; "One Man's Wilderness".
My heart is all a flutter thinking of it....Christmas is gonna be a long time coming!!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Making the Most of Winter Blahs...

by brightening up the house with lots of color!!

Found these items on recent thrifting excursions!!
This beautiful afghan is SO colorful, and big enough for our queen sized bed!

These delightful Japan stackable mugs still sit on the counter, who wants to hide them in a cupboard!

I couldn't let these get away!! I beautiful red/orange painted metal with plastic lids, made by Kromex.

Couldn't let these stay in the thrift either...they are currently hanging in Li's room!!

I will never pass up on a Bing Crosby record...ever!! Love his voice *swoon*!

And you?! Have you got a blog, Instagram feed or any other internet social sharing site where you post your thrifty finds? I'd love to see them!! Leave a link in my comments...Happy thrifting!

To Those Who Stop By...

Thank you...I haven't had much inspiration these past few weeks to write, photograph or list anything for the blog...just been doing the really mundane stuff of:

Changing my diet...I have cut WAYYYY back on sugars and prepackaged/instant foods, going as far as getting rid of anything in the pantry or fridge that had a questionable ingredient list. Thanks mostly to reading this book. Real Foods by Nina Planck has inspired me to think more about what I eat & what it's going to do for me. Once I got past her references to the evolution of the food...I was able to take a GREAT load of info and apply it to my daily food intake!! Thanks to an internet friends Miss Cedar (who you can find on FB, twitter, instagram and her beautiful blog) for suggesting this great read!

Changing my you all know, if you read my posts, follow my instagram, or pinterest or live close enough to see me...I love coffee!! I enjoy the taste, the aroma, the ritual making & drinking of it. It has often been my morning ritual to make an extra cup after everyone has gone off to school or work and finish watching the morning programs on tv...But now I have started having only one cup (I know shocker) and then taking the girlies to school to (you best sit down if shock causes you to faint) WALK!!
Now, not to make excuses, but the old backeroo has been bothering me quite a LOT the past few months and it has been hard just to get around the house without pain. But, after some chiropractic treatment, the good doc said I could start walking for exercise (I'm waiting for the ok on Yoga). So I started out with a 1/2-1 mile and am now up to 2!! I'm feeling better and more awake, with out the extra caffeine!!
I do not run, but this simply explains how my mind works...ha ha ha!!
thanks Pinterest

Note to self: do not over do the food intake when invited out to a friends house, even when it's something you love and haven't had due to the new "eating plan". Do not take the girls out and order a sandwich with fries because you love them so and also haven't had in a long time... YOU WILL FEEL LIKE SHIT CRAP THE NEXT DAY!!! Thus causing you to have all sorts of crazy thoughts running through your head about cancer and other illnesses, since you're feeling like someone stabbed your liver, gall bladder and gut with dull knives....

Changing my Cooking...I have had the BEST time making new dishes due to the fact that I no longer have prepackaged foods!! The oldest girly is my toughest critic (then again she was that way even in the before eating cleaner). The youngest one gets a little excited about trying new things...but then she is the one that can pretend to fix foods for hours on end (I think she'll be the homemaker). The man of the Frumpy house has enjoyed all of the meals I've prepared...I'm currently waiting for him to pick up the baton and try his hand at making some recipes instead of heading for the closest fast food when he is home with the girls!

For your viewing pleasure I will share a few pics of some of the dishes I've fixed and let you decide if you would like to try some! Disclaimer: most new recipes I've tried have been found on Pinterest (if you haven't succumbed you should!!) or in my new to me
"Better Homes & Gardens New Cook Book" from the 1950's!!
Top L going clockwise: I love avocado, will put it on many things.  A mix of barley, beans and veggies great salad or tortilla chip topping. Fresh farm eggs from neighbor friends. Raw Milk Cheeses from a local cheese house (that uses local Amish cow's milk)

Top L going Clockwise: Lentil soup over a boiled sweet potato (cannot tell you how good this was). A mix of veggies ready for roasting in the oven (my new favorite way to fix veggies). Homemade Naan bread crust with roasted veggies, olives and goat cheese pizza. A sweet treat (Pinterest) that I made with healthier flours, sugars and milk.

I kid you not when I say this; I am really enjoying this new lifestyle! I don't feel the cravings that I thought I would. I feel so much better mentally, emotionally and physically! It's a good thing all around!!

To top it all off the hubs and I are doing a simple 7 day can only make it better right! RIGHT!!

Of course his is the Men's Formula!!

What about you? Have you been inspired this winter season to throw off the cloak of hibernation and make a life change? Readying yourself for warmer weather...I won't say bikini weather, cause that would just be a terrible mental picture!!