Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Reason We sing....

"I don't know why you say 'goodbye', I say 'hello'"!

Because it makes us feel so much better about the girls being all contrary & obstinate every day! The funniest thing is this is Lauryn's new "favorite" song! It's soooo her, it really isn't funny!

You readers think I kid....au contraire mon fraire!!! When the oldest girly was just a wee one, oh, around 2 yrs maybe, we lived in Nashville, TN.  One of our favorite things to do was to go to the park early in the morning before the heat was unbearable (at least I thought it was).
One morning we were walking to the swings & I in my ever cheerful, optimistic, cup half full, sunny side up mood (you do know sarcasm when you read it don't you!?) said this, "Oh, Lauryn, isn't this a beautiful day! The sky is blue, the grass is green, the flowers are so pretty!" To which my 2YO said, (quite petulantly I must say),"NO. The sky isn't blue, the grass isn't green and the flowers are NOT pretty mommy!!"(TRUE STORY).

AHEM! Yes, folks it true....I did not raise her to be this way....she just came out talking this way!

So, I really do get a kick out of that Beatles song....it's a dead ringer for my oldest!!!

(y'all know I love her anyway....and can argue with her all day about who's right!!  HAHAHA!)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

So this is the real deal....

Liyah, shakin' what her momma gave her!

Let it never be said, "The girl has no rhythm"  hahaha!

She loves the keyboard & plays it regularly, but I do think the pre-programmed music is her favorite thing to do! (Yes, that is a mattress on the floor....we'd had a "sleep over" the night before, since her big sister was @ camp!)

A Non-realistic, Realistic, not put on for the Camera....

Day in the life @ The Frumpy House!

Well, I think that you have this deep seated need to know us on a more intimate level. Yeah, right!!

It's been about a month back that I thought just for the fun of it, I'd snap pics with the iPhone throughout the day....just so people could see what we are really like.  With a few "filters" lets say....thanks to Instagram (which is prob'ly my all time fave app on my phone).

So, here goes.  Just for you, all 26 of you!!  (hehehehe!)
Breakfast, the works since it was a non-working day!

Start of the destruction...aka getting the toys out!

We like us a LOT of music @ The Frumpy House (professional & non)

We also like to play a lot of board games....as u will see!

Time for a 2nd cup of coffee and a movie

Movie & snacks for the girlies...yes, we "encourage" eating off the floor (no dishwasher in The Frumpy House)
A bit of reading time for mom, while the girls play some computer games

A quick fix for lunch....everything bagel with hummus, tomato, zucchini, turkey, onion & provolone

After lunch dance groove...we are all up in that!

While we are still groovin' momma's whippin butt in checkers

A little bit of dolly action with the youngest girly!

The man takes some time out...sitting and reading a book isn't usual for him!

Some of the dinner....baked zucchini. YUM!

Girlies are playing with the cousin from FL. they loved having him for 4 wks.

An evening snack!?!??! Lemon slices...yes, this is my picky eater!

Of course she tops it off with one of these...

Packin' the eldest up for a 3 day camp! Yeah! (oh, did I say that out loud)

And because I can't be bothered with a full blown bath time...feet washing in the sink!

After feet & teeth are clean....bedtime stories are in the line up!
This is one of MY favorite books!!

There you go...a "picture" perfect day @ The Frumpy House.  Believe me when I say, it's not all pretty like this...ya know it!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What's a Mom to do?

There are still three weeks left of the summer vacay....even my seven year old was moaning about that (as in that's a long time to wait for school to start). A girl after her Mother's heart!

We have been busy, or I could say mommy's been busy, the last 2 weekends. Running a yard sale & lemonade stand. Let's just say, mommy made it through the heat better than the Girlies. By the second weekend they weren't wanting to run the lemonade stand!!

We did well. It was a surreal feeling to be going through boxes of Grandma Patty's things. It took Greg & I 4 hours to get through 8 boxes/totes that held papers & photos all mixed together!! We found some interesting things....

....a box of love letters from boys in the military from '67-'69. Funny!

....report cards from GP, Greg & his brother. Funnier!! (that's 5th grade GP in her white flowered dress & saddle shoes @ the end of the front row)

....cards from Greg's dad to GP from the early years of marriage. Funniest!!!

Sooo many pictures!! It was kinda fun reminiscing about her childhood (from what we gathered in paper & pictures).
Finding things from the boy's childhood, Greg telling stories about what he remembered!

Although, I did call my parents that evening & told them this..." I love you. I have many fond memories of my childhood.....PLEASE, don't save all our papers, pictures (multiples) & report cards!! It's too much to deal with!"

That being said, we did well with the yard sales & this crazy momma is prob'ly gonna run it again Labor Day weekend....because we just don't have enough insanity around here!!


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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I Can't Be Alone....


...in these thoughts of running away. Going somewhere, anywhere, that is new, exciting, peaceful, calm, unstressed stressless uh....kid-free!!

A  place where I can think (without being interrupted). Where there is comfort, serenity and all around lightness/airiness.  You know a place where you can lay back & not feel shut in. Not feel trapped, by four walls, responsibilities, stressors or demands.

A place where you can be real...not what others are expecting you to be/do. Sleeping in until you wake naturally (be it 2 a.m. or 2 p.m.). Eating when & what you want. Not having to fix what you know others like, what they feel the cravings for, what you hope they will eat. Where a pair of shorts and a tee can be worn without people thinking you aren't stylish enough. Where if you want to wear a dress, for the first time in 9 yrs., no one will look at you and ask "Where are you going?" or "Why are you wearing that".

via Pinterest

The place where music is what you want to listen to at that moment, where the lights can be off and candles lit without anyone getting any "ideas", where books are plentiful and no one cares if you sit/lay around and read all day.
found here

A coffee can be had whenever you feel the need for that flavor, without having to worry about being awake all night....'cause you don't need to worry about responsibilities hittin' you in the face @ 6 a.m. when your caffeine kept you up 'til 4a.m.!!



Lets just say, some things don't ALWAYS turn out to be what you dreamed they'd be. Some things/husbands/children are not perfect...as I am not perfect. THAT my dear readers is what brings me to this place.

Not that I don't want to be a wife and mom and do the things I do for my family (okay, I would've given up fixing and trying to get my kids to eat, like 5 years ago!!). Realistically, I would never give it up...well, maybe for a week month how long do sabbaticals usually last?

I'm pretty sure that these feelings of taking off for the unknown will pass, as it has before. Probably when school starts up again & I don't have to be on the receiving end of whiney kids 24/7!!

How bout you? Instead of a "fun family vacation" would you like to take a solo leave of absence?

So if you see something like this headin' down the back roads of Michigan...don't let the hubby & kids know you saw me!