Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Livin' the...

High Life.

Well, it's been a long 3 weeks folks, I won't mess with's been R.O.U.G.H!! I have worked my self silly trying to keep up with all that needs to be done!

L was gone one whole week to camp. Thank You Jesus...that was one less person to fix food for, clean up after and get after...I packed her up, shipped her off and sent her a sweet email mid week to let her know that, yes, I was still aware that she was my daughter...and I loved her, kinda missed her and was looking forward to hearing all about her week at camp.

Then we had our "vacation" week...yeah, right! I turned 43, had a 10th anniversary party, took the girls to Bible School each evening for 2 1/2 hours (well, traded some nights with my mom so the Man of the Frumpy House could have his surgery and stuff like that).

Now this week Li is gone from 8 am to 6 pm for day camp...did I mention that it's a good 40 minute drive each way! Yeah, I know, I'm glutton for punishment. The digger is, I was planning on TMotFH and myself doing all the shuttling. But, since he is planted firmly on his keister with elevated foot, my mother has been doing all the running (whew, thanks mom!) since I'm working!

So, as you can see (read) life doesn't always get lived the way you want to live it...ask my bestie and her hubby in WI, who were anticipating sharing a few drinks on the patio with us last week when we were vacationing!

But, I'm a bit of a realist, I realize that life will go on even when there is sadness and disappointment. We will not die because we are bored or upset about circumstances (I'm speaking directly to you Greg). We don't know what life is going to bring us, but we can be assured that we will have trials, tribulations, joy, celebrations, sadness and we choose to live in these situations is what our life is made of!

Count the blessings, instead of listing in the humdrum....

This is work...seriously. Taking Mr. P to the pool for exercise is good for him, and good for the view!

These little beauties are going to be lovely berries, juicy, ripe and in our own back yard!

Enjoying the little things in life, taking a breather to watch the littles blow some bubbles!

It's good for the momma's soul when you see, albeit short, love between sisters.

So we didn't get to go "out" for our anniversary. No vacation trip, not even a restaurant. This wife worked her magic with the food. Marinated tuna steaks, broiled shrimp and fried rice with veggies.

Watching the girlies enjoy a little carnival ride after the small town parade in our, well...small town!

Who, among us, can really live in complaining and the down-in-the-mouth pessimism when you see skies like this...had to pull over to take this beautiful picture!

The bad stuff comes and goes...we continue to press on in the Frumpy House.  We are learning more about each other and ourselves every day. The one who is the most active and on the go, is now forced to be still and learn patience. The homebody who loves nothing better than to piddle around the house (does anyone else use the word piddle as in "do little things of this and that"? or are you all thinking I have a bladder problem now?) making food, rearranging furniture or art, gardening, watching the chickens, is now having to work 45-50 hours a week to keep the bills paid and the household afloat financially!

IT'S AN ALL NEW JOURNEY...AND FRUSTRATINGLY ENOUGH IT'S GOING TO LAST THE WHOLE SUMMER LOOOONG!!! (The prognosis for G's Achilles Tendon is 12 weeks recovery and then starting physical therapy. Since the job has some physical work with exercising and stretching Mr. P, it looks like this momma will be working all summer!)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Verdict...

is in! Well, sorta, kinda....

The man of the Frumpy house, hauled his cute tush to the Doctor's office today to see the orthopedic specialist (for the Achilles tendon, if you haven't read previous post).
The news is...he can't tell exactly where or how badly the tendon is ruptured. He can definitely tell it is...somewhere...ummm yeah we kinda already knew that!

So, he has called for an MRI. He says since it's already 9 days out from the time of the injury he wants this to go quickly. So we are now waiting for them to call tomorrow and tell us when and where the MRI will be. Then after that has been done and they can see the damage...they will make a scheduled day and time for the surgery.

Yep, surgery...the dreaded "s" word...which in reality will make another dreaded "s" word...summer!

You know, it takes a lot of hutzpah to have to set yourself on your butt for the summer. The summer when you had; plans for a trip to Ohio to spend time with brother and dad, catching a Tigers/Reds game, an anniversary trip to see friends...the summer when you had plans to go to the sand dunes and the lake with your kids for the first time...not to mention swimming, hiking, biking, ball (uh, more ball) know SUMMER!! Vacation time (even tho' you're working).

So, now as it stands, Greg will have the MRI, we will more than likely be looking at another surgery within the Frumpy House (I'm doing great, thanks) this year & we are hoping that our girls have a great summer anyway. With dad laid up and mom working up to 50 hours a week to cover dad's work hours and put food on the table!

You know what tho'!?  I'm at peace...I have a peace that this is going to be for a reason. That we as a family will learn something from this....something that we wouldn't be able to learn any other way. Something that Greg may only be able to learn by being still, as he is NOT a stay home and hang out kinda person!! (Sheesh, if you only knew!)

A way to count the many blessings that we have, instead of looking at all the things that are going wrong. Like the fact that Lauryn is at camp right now having a blast. That Liyah is going to day camp for the first time in two weeks! That they are going to be in our local small town's Summerfest Parade riding the Library float. That they have 2 cousins up from Florida for the month!

That we are blessed with family and friends close by, to help us out and love on us.

Soooo many blessings...I don't ever want to let the disappointments in life take over and steal my joy!!

Hey, thanks for the thoughts and prayers y'all!! I'm going to continue living vicariously through other's blog posts, Pinterest links, Facebook status' and Instagram photos. Some of y'all are having a blast on your summer vacays....and I'm stinkin' jealous happy for ya!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Famous Last Words...

Outta my mouth last night, "Have fun don't get hurt!" were said as the Man of the Frumpy House was walking out the door to go shoot some hoops @ the church gym with some other guys....

Yep, then 1/2 hour later I hear the car pull in the driveway (disrupting some quiet moments I was enjoying, as the girls were off playing w/ their cousins) & soon see the Man hopping up the sidewalk to the back door...

"You're teasing me right?!" were my exact compassion, nuttin'..."Are you KIDding me?!?" came out next....

I met him at the back door thinking, née praying it was a sprain & some ice & ibuprofen would fix things up..."I heard a pop & then couldn't move my foot" he grimaced.
"Oh, shoot!" I thought, that doesn't sound at all "sprainy"...

Well, after googling Achilles tendon injuries we concluded there was nothing to do (literally there is nothing listed to do for Achilles injuries) but go visit the ER....5 hours later (1 a.m. To be exact) he was home crawling in bed with a half cast, Vicodin, & instructions to stay off the foot & follow up w/ an orthopedic specialist!

Yikes!! Guess what that means...momma Frump works her tail off at the workplace & at the Frumpy House...yep! Nothing like having a broken husband, 2 kids, a dog, a cat, 15 chickens & myself to take care of!! This should be VERY interesting--if you know what I mean...

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