Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Sun was here today

We spent the majority of the day outside today. The girls helped me plant sunflower seeds in my new front flower bed (a whole week and 1,000 lbs of top soil and manure later). Then we planted bulbs, seeds and a new rosebush that Greg bought me. We are excited to get to watch all the pretties grow, now if I could just get Liyah to quit walking through it!!
I painted our old dark green shutters a nice red color to match our red door. Greg hung them this afternoon after he got home from work! Then we planted our new Montgomery cherry tree in the front yard.
Mom told me today that our beans, corn and squash are coming up nicely in the garden. Yea!! I love this time of year. Out enjoying the sun but not the unbearable heat, and getting things done and making it so beautiful after a long white winter!!
I'm posting some pics of our sunflowers from last year. Lauryn helped me plant them and was so excited to watch them grow. We took pic s throughout the summer and used Liyah, Greg and Lauryn to get a perspective on their height. At the end, when the birds and squirrels came and cleaned them all out, there were about 4 of them over 8' tall. The ones we are going to have this summer are more decorational sunflowers.

Oh, BTW, the chocolate ice cream stains came out of Liyah's dress! Whew!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Work Never Ends...

I have been so busy and enjoying the outdoors that it seems I've come to a complete and utterly unbearable halt when the rain came the last day or two. I'm not the only one in the house who is suffering. Liyah doesn't understand why she can't go out and play, she likes the mud! I don't like the laundry that the mud creates, or the sweeping and mopping, the washing walls and doorknobs and the multiple baths in one day. So, we have been house bound for the last couple days, reading books, playing games and yes, veggin' out in front of cartoons (Phineas and Ferb have such great ideas for things to do on summer vacation).
That doesn't mean mommy gets out of doing work. Liyah got two baths and three outfits the other day. Actually, she was wearing three outfits at one time. She had gotten up and dressed herself in t-shirt, capris, bikini on top of that and a dress on top of that!! Needless to say when the need for the bathroom came around she couldn't get to bottom of it in time and peed on the bathroom rug (well thank the Lord for that, I didn't have to mop up a big puddle). So, strip down and get a quick bath. Then a new outfit (this is technically outfit #4). Dinner that night and mom makes the classic favorite Kool-aid for her kids. Liyah and Lauryn are sitting at the table one minute and the next Lauryn is in Liyah's face and the cup of Kool-aid goes all down the front of her and all over the floor. Hence, Liyah has to strip out of outfit #4 and get a quick bath. Mom has to mop up the puddle that time. Whew, I thought it was over, then Liyah went and put on clean underwear and a clean dress.....ok she going through a princess ballerina phase and wears dresses everyday if she can....then she runs outside while daddy and grandpa are putting in some grapevines in the side yard. But WAIT, mommy catches her and gets her inside before she can get wet and muddy! Then daddy gives her chocolate ice cream later and we have outfit #5 in the laundry with stain removal spray all over it! Waiting for the next load of laundry 'cause mom refuses to do laundry everytime there are dirty clothes and I'd already had my two emergency load limit for the day!!
So who says having to stay inside because of the rainy days has to be boring and not exciting. We have entertainment each and every day!! If the kids don't entertain you with their antics, I'm sure watching mom get through it without blowing a gasket is!
Grandma Patty is coming home June 3 from Ohio. She has had a wonderful visit and time with her sisters. We are looking forward to her coming home. Even the girls have said they are looking forward to her coming back. I'm hoping that she will enjoy the new flower beds and the birds we've been seeing. I'm hoping for nicer weather so we can get through the day without having to walk over each other. I'm hoping for lots of things.....we'll see how the summer goes y'all.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Oh, hail the mighty graduate

This week has been one with some firsts for our family. Lauryn is now a graduate! She graduated from Kindergarten on Thursday night. We had honors banquet and graduation. She not only graduated, but did so with A Honor Roll honors for the year, she received the Presidential Award for Academic Excellence and received a certificate for handwriting. She won a trophy for memorizing all her scriptures (a new scripture passage each month), mom should have gotten one too for all her work with her (talk about "pulling teeth"). We are very proud of our strong willed, outspoken, pouting, temper-tantrum throwing, blonde haired, blue eyed daughter (you decide which one I'm talking about!!

Looking forward to getting the beans and tomatoes into the garden this week. I also have to get my last flower bed ready for my sunflower seeds as they are all sprouted and I don't want them to start molding.

Patty has her neurologist appt. Tuesday morning. She will be coming back sometime this week. The girls have actually been asking about Grandma Patty, and said they are looking forward to her coming back! I have half and half feelings about it. It's been relaxing not having the extra responsiblity of showering, dressing, and tucking in that extra person. I do enjoy having her here though, and she will love sitting out in the backyard and looking at the flowers and watching the hummingbirds come and eat.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Burn...

The Muscle and Sunburn that is. My first sunburn today. Spent about 8 hours in the yard yesterday getting a new flower bed tilled up, setting out my humming bird, oriole and finch feeders out, making a bird bath out of recycled materials from my dad's junk pile, digging post holes and setting my new clothes line poles up and pushing Liyah on the "big kids swing". Today it was another 8 hours putting up a rock surround around the fire pit, planting corn, beans, cucumbers, and squash in the garden, lining my new flower bed with rocks from the creek that runs behind our house (gotta get more of them) and swinging Liyah on the "big kids swing".

I've been walking two miles with my mom and sister each morning too. I hope I'm burning extra calories because I've sure been eating them!!

Lauryn is done with school 4 days early. She was home today and already she's asking for all her friends to come over because she's bored. I'm thinking a great list of chores will keep the boredom away. We will definitely be working on that.

I think my to do list tomorrow is still great. Get the clothes line up, do laundry, dig up another flower bed for my sunny flowers, mow the back yard and probably (no for sure) push Liyah in the "big kids swing"!!

Now if only I could teach a 3 and 5 year old how to differentiate between weeds and flowers/veggies.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Top 3 Things I Heard Today




Then there were a few other things that I heard. Mom, will you do this for me. Mom, will you help me with this. Mom, can I..., Mom, can we..., Mom she..., Mom!!

There are days when I tell my girls my name really isn't mom. It's Abca-decky-jeckle-menoc-ward-stewitzes. Which is from a Sesame Street song that Big Bird sang on an old record of mine when I was a kid. He was reading the alphabet as if it were a word. Anyhooo, I tell them I can't answer to mom anymore unless they can say my real name. They usually don't appreciate the humor. I might only get a couple minutes of quiet before they start the Mom routine again. But I do get a certain pleasure out of making them try:)
It has been an extremely crazy time the last week. I haven't found time to sit down at the computer, let alone write anything. I have great thing running through my head at different times that I'd like to sit and blog about. But, end up without the few minutes to do it.

I have actually taken a couple naps with Liyah this week. She likes to sleep in my bed for naptime if she can (with me of course). Most days I stick her in her own, so that I can get a few extra things done. But this week I was actually tired, and maybe a little of avoidance too.

But my mom and I got our root vegetables in the garden this week; carrots, beets and radishes. We were going to keep going since we were having so much fun (yes, I said fun). But we are still getting frost at night and we don't want to take the chance of doing all the work and not getting the rewards! Liyah likes to help, she pulled the weeds out of the garden. Any little stick, blade of grass or group of roots she could find (and a few worms too). Grandma Patty sat in a lawn chair with her long sleeved shirt, hooded sweatshirt and lined jacket on. She was cold! I gotta get her moving more.

Speaking of Grandma Patty, Liyah actually told her she liked her this week. BIG breakthrough for Liyah, who is usually upset with GP for picking up her toys and putting them in "new and interesting places" before she is really done playing with it. She did make GP happy when she asked her to sit on the floor and play Barbie's with her.

Lauryn is still in school. She's not happy about that!! Mom's okay with it!
She came home from school Monday and I was surprised to see her second bottom tooth missing. Here is the conversation.....
M: Lauryn, you finally pulled your tooth out!

L: No I didn't

M: Ummm, yes you did. It's gone.

L: No I didn't pull it out.

M: Well, it's gone. It must have just fallen out. Didn't you know?

L: No. Did I swallow it? I must have swallowed it! Can I throw up so I can get it out?

M: NO!! It's okay. You've got more that are loose and will fall out soon.

(I know you are an the edge of your seat with the thrilling dialogue)
She did lose another one this Wednesday. Her first top front tooth. I was cracking up when she was talking that evening. She was the epitome of the "All I want for Christhmasth" song. Of course she was trying to milk the comedy the rest of the week, ie at bedtime!

Grandma Patty is gone to OH to visit her sisters until after Memorial Day. She has a neurologist appt. at OSU on the 26th so they invited her down for an extended vacation. She wanted to make sure that we wanted her to come back. I told her, we want you to go to Ohio and have a wonderful time with your sisters. Then we want you to come back to Michigan and be with us. We wouldn't want it any other way (okay maybe the only other way we would have it is with an xtra bedroom and bathroom suite for her... that will come tho').

We are hoping to get her a nice porch swing to surprise her when she gets back! She has been trying to swing on the girls little swingset and it just doesn't work for her.

I'm working on some flower beds around the front of the house. Trying to get it looking better and not so dull. Got my sunflower seeds sprouting today! I love those. Ahhh, the hummingbirds, goldfinch, sunflowers, lilacs, all the signs of summer are coming and I'm loving it. More time outdoors makes for sleepy girls. Sleepy girls means mommy gets to sleep later that 6:30 am.

Friday, May 8, 2009

The I Don't Care Song

Written by: Mom
Written for: Lauryn and Liyah

(To the Tune of Three Blind Mice)

I don't care, I don't care
I don't care, I don't care
I'll stick you out with the dog tonight
I'll hang you up by your toes from the light
'Cause I don't care, I don't care.

I don't care, I don't care
I don't care, I don't care
I'll cut off your hair with a really sharp knife
I'll tickle you till you scream for your life
'Cause I don't care, I don't care

I don't care, I don't care
I don't care, I don't care
I'll swing you around 'til you upchuck your lunch
I'll serve you some bugs and worms in your punch
'Cause I don't care, I don't care

I don't care, I don't care
I don't care, I don't care
I'll put a snake into your bed
I'll let the dog lick you until you beg
'Cause I don't care, I don't care.

Author's note: I do care about my children and family very much. I love them or I wouldn't be here with them (believe me no one would stay in this house except for love). This song came out of my mouth one evening, probably after a long day of insanity, when Lauryn and Liyah were begging to do something, something like go outside in -10 below or such. I had been telling them no and they wouldn't quit. So I said, "What would you do if you went out and your nose fell off, or your toes froze and turned black and you had icicles hanging from your ears. That wouldn't be good would it?" Every mom should learn not to ask a rhetorical question to a 5 and 2 year old. They quite emphatically said, "I don't care." Their patent answer when they want to do something that isn't good for them. So, I made up this silly song to get there minds off going out, or running with scissors, or giving each other haircuts, or whatever was going on that day. The girls like it so much that they ask me to make up new "horrible things" to sing about. It's fun and it's just a little crazy, which fits me perfectly.

whiney butts...

There are a few of them in my house. The biggest one is Lauryn my 5 year old. At this precise moment she is hanging over the arm of the couch, kicking her feet in the air and whining about needing help getting up. She is such a booger!! Liyah is already in bed, due to another bout of wet pants tonight. She whined all the way to bed. HMM, I wonder if we have any cheese in the house to go with this whine.
We had dental appointments this week. Patty had one yesterday (yay clean teeth). She said it went well and that the dentist was "really good looking". I think she'll go back.
Lauryn and Liyah had appts. today. Lauryn's was great and Liyah's first visit went really well too!
No cavities for anyone, and new toothbrushes all around!
I'm really enjoying the weather we've had this week. I've gotten some flowers planted and flower beds cleaned up. Pushed Liyah on the swing for hours and watched the kittens romping around in the yard. (If anyone wants a really cute kitten they are free for the taking next week) Like there's anyone reading this that hasn't already said no to me!
I think my sanity has stayed pretty steady this week. Oh, except for the day that Liyah wet her pants 3 times before lunch. Oh, and the day that Greg, Patty and Lauryn were heading to Grand Rapids and the car broke down (the second vehicle that the timing belt broke on in one month). Then there was the day that Patty didn't want to take her meds...oh, wait that's everyday. I'm coping better this week- but then you know every third week comes each month and slowly I start slipping. Heads up Greg, you've got atleast one and a half good weeks left!
Looking forward to mother's day this weekend. Happy mother's day to all you wonderful mother's out there, even those of you who have tilted over the edge of insanity. Keep close to your children, husband and foremost God.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sunny and Warm Today

THANK THE GOOD LORD FOR THAT!!! It's 8:15 pm and the girls are still outside enjoying the good outdoors. We all got out of the house this afternoon/evening. Then sat down to a quick dinner of KFC's new grilled chicken. I'd give it a 6 for taste, and a perfect 10 for convenience. Thanks Greg!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Whew, the end of another day

It wasn't all bad. We all enjoyed Sunday morning at church with family and friends. Had a wonderful lunch, Lauryn didn't think so but that isn't new. We all got a chance to take naps or rest after lunch (and the best part of this afternoon is Greg did the dishes after lunch!). Most Sunday evenings instead of going to church we have a family "pj" party. We have some fun with games, stories, devotions and usually something yummy to eat (daddy and Lauryn make a mean pan of brownies). Tonight we built our first bonfire in the fire pit and we enjoyed the "smoke" from it!! The girls didn't stay around it too much. We all enjoyed the outdoors until Liyah wet her pants (darn those three year olds anyway) and had to come inside take a shower and get dressed for bed. Then we got to yell at Lauryn and Greg while they ran around outside playing ball tag.
We had ice cream from Kings Trading Post (THE place to go when you come here for a visit in the summer, let's just say a Kiddie Cone is two very large scoops) tonight. I think Liyah got more of hers on her face and shirt than in her tummy. Lauryn threw 1/2 of hers away, she got too full. What a blast.
Lauryn, gave me an early mother's day gift from her Sunday School class this morning. She decorated a flower pot and tucked a pack of seeds into it. I asked her if she was going to plant some flower seeds for me, she said, "no you do it". There you go, truly a gift from the heart.
Greg on the other hand was surprised that mother's day was a week from today. HEADS UP BIG BOY.... I'm a mother and MY day is coming up!!! Get on the ball (I'll keep you posted).
Other than the usual morning schedule, hectic and crazy. Nothing like seeing your children in church without their hair brushed! We had a great day (cause mommy cooked dinner in the crock pot and had a nap) and are looking forward to a nice week. I hope that the weather stays nice so I can get out and do some work on flower beds. Is it very grandma of me to get therapy from working in the flower bed and garden now. It's kinda like doing dishes in my house, it's the time when everyone scatters and leaves me alone. I have time to think and do some praying! WooHoo!