Friday, September 18, 2009

Here comes the Fall!!

The best time of the year, not freezing cold, yet cool enough to wear jeans and sweatshirts!
The girls are getting into the schedule of school and things. We just started the AWANA kids program at our church this past Wednesday evening. It makes for a late night (especially for Lauryn) and not much fun in the attitude department the next day. I think it will be worth it though.
I truly don't know where the time flies. I have yet to do the housecleaning at my sister's house. It's already Friday and I haven't quite found the time to run down there and get it done. Now today Liyah is home from pre school due to coughing and crying all night, so I will either take her down there and make her take a nap @ grandma's while I clean or go down after naps and let her play with Lauryn while I clean.... neither one is the best but you do what you have to. Cleaning is a must as it pays for the insurance on Cheryl's car that we are borrowing.
There hasn't been too many things driving me insane since the girls are in school. It is nice to know I'm not my own insanity maker. I'm for the most part pretty laid back and easy going.... until I had my own children.
QUESTION: Is it okay to tell your child she is acting like a brat? Then have to define brat to her?

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