Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hi My Name is Jeanette.....

and I am an addict.
Granted it isn't illegal, deadly or looked down upon by others (well, maybe snooty people), but an addiction nonetheless! My addiction is Thrift Store shopping, thrifting.
I don't know why it has hit me all of a sudden. I have always gone to "Goodwill" shopping for the girls since they were babies. Probably about 90% of their wardrobes have constituted purchases from 2nd hand stores. I buy what is in good condition or what I can easily fix or clean. I mean my children have grown out of their clothes so quickly and need bigger ones that I donate probably more to "Goodwill" than I will ever be able to buy!
But the good stewardship has grown, ballooned, avalanched into an addiction... not quite overnight. It started with me browsing through some blogs (I do like to see how others are set up and look) and came across some "vintage" blogs. Blogs that I really enjoyed looking at for about a month.... of course the majority of vintage goods come from..... thrift stores! So then I started looking for blogs about thrifting. Quite a few out there! From those that are fashion conscious shoppers to those that enjoy the furniture side of thrifting. ALL are great! Fun, creative, and money-wise!!!
So the web browsing has come full circle and I have been enjoying searching out Goodwill (my favorite) and other thrift stores in the near vicinity. I'm am doing my best NOT to go overboard by telling myself that money is money... it will only go so far. Just because it is a 2nd hand store and I can get the girls' clothes for .99 each piece doesn't mean that they need 200 articles of clothes (AS IF).
I have gotten a few other things for the house too. A new mirror for the master bathrm., a set of dishes (with sunflowers), some silver pieces for the bedroom, and a wooden tray for the kitchen table (upon which I have set the sunflower dishes for easy access, and it's pretty too).
Sometime in the future I may start posting pics of the outfits I find for the girls. Of course if you see pics of them here they probably are wearing something that I have thrifted for them.

The only thing that has gotten to me lately is Liyah! She is succumbing to the same addiction. We made the trip to Dundee to get GP on Tues. and on our way home we stopped at a Wally-world on the way home for household needs (we had to borrow a roll of tp from my mom's the other day!!) and as I was pulling out of the parking lot what did I see across the street? Beckoning me, like a lighthouse guiding me to the safety and security of a unique shopping experience after having endured the franchised fracas of Wally-world!!
So I said, "Look a Goodwill that we've never been to before! We should go and see what they have!" To which Liyah piped up in the back seat, "Yea!!!! Goodwill (which comes out with a cute southern accent sounding more like this: Guuudweeeell). Let's go, let's go. Get me clothes and shoes too!!!"
See what I mean folks.... addiction runs in the family!
Greg actually came home last night with the girls from mid-week Kingdom Knights @ church, with rollerblades for the girls, from the Goodwill that is just down the road from church!! This could be reason for an intervention.

OR NOT (I still have to go to a vintage thrift store in Grand Rapids called "Coat of Many Colors") and I don't want to go there without the ability to enjoy the experience without guilt!

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