Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Wow, it's getting here, the vacay! I'm excited about getting out of the house... away from the small town (going to an even smaller town hehe).... away from work... yet cannot get away from the kiddoes!! Shazzaamm!

It's true, I have to take the kiddoes with me, here's a tissue for ya, and spend the whole week with them in a cabin at Vagabond Resort ( which is owned and operated by some friends of my family. The wonderful part is that my mom and dad, and my sisters and the bro-in-law, along with nieces and nephews will be there to provide backup!

"WAIT" you say, where is the hubby going to be? Well, friends he is going to be holding down the fort here in our little town, going to work M-F for his 10 hours of wi-fi fill. Due to the fact we don't want to leave Mr. Pete in the lurch he has voted to stay home and "bring home the bacon" so to speak. I will be sad that he isn't there to talk to, take long walks with, snuggle by the campfire with, and wrangle the kiddoes with!!

I'm really excited.... I think!

A stay here....
Some major play time.....


WOW I'M GONNA HAVE ME A SWEET VACAY!!! I'll post some real pics from the vacation when we get back (unless I can get online there and post from the phone)
Sweet summertime to all my readers.... may all your vacations be like a dream!

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