Wednesday, July 21, 2010

WOW Wednesday

Worn Out Woman Wednesday...... It isn't that I don't have things that wow'd me this week. It's just that I'm too worn out to really care. I have a light at the end of the tunnel in that GP's sister will be taking her this Saturday, for at least 2 weeks. Next week Lauryn will be gone 3 days for another camp. The good thing about this one is that she had to work to earn her way!! No money out of our pockets! How wonderful is that?!?!

Lest you think I experience pure JOY at the exiting of my oldest daughter, let me assure you, I only experience PEACE when she exits. It is a blissful experience.

So, for a period of time the family will be down to 3 of us. Greg, Liyah and I. I really hope it isn't too wonderful, it may bring on dreams of a smaller family. How wonderful it would be. NO!! I. Cannot. Go. There. Must. Remember. "I love my strong willed children, I love my strong willed children!"

I do love my strong willed ones.... for the few minutes in the morning when they wake up and give me hugs and smiles, and say they love me, and that yes, they did have a wonderful sleep.... until they realizes we don't have what is wanted for breakfast, and all H*ll breaks loose.

Li informed me this morning as I was in the shower.... "MOOOOOOOOM we don't have anything for breakfast except cereal and toast!" My "rise above the fray" response, "Okay".
She walked out and I didn't hear anymore about it. She was happily eating cereal when I came out! Aha moment, if they are starting to get their whine on, simply let them know that you know, and it's okay!

"Mooooom, Li took my new shoes and drew on them with markers" -- "Okay"

"Mooooom, Lauryn won't let me play games on the computer, she's been on forever!" -- "Okay"

"Mooooom, she won't let me play", "Mooooom, she won't stop copying me", "Moooom, Moooooom, Moooooom" --OKAY! and smile! =)


  1. Ohhh i love this approach! Definately storing it away for the future years!

  2. I'm thinking anything less than a "Mooooom she hung the cat up by her tail" should get this kind of response!