Thursday, August 26, 2010

The time is going

SO quickly. You can see from the side bar that I started this blog almost a year and a half ago. I started it out of the need to vent, to relieve stress, to get my voice heard above the high level of stress and insanity in my house.

For those who have joined me recently I am a wife (to a wonderful man, who is though still a man), a mom (to two beautiful, funny and extremely intelligent girlies, who are so strong willed I often want to send them to kiddie boot camp) and a daughter in law to a woman we call GP (grandma Patty lives with us due to her dementia and being unable to care for herself). I love each and everyone of these people, but as you may know I didn't plan on living with all of these people!!

So, now my husband has had some extra training (he learned he will no longer bring a puppy into the house w/o my knowing about it first). My girls have matured a little (not so much that we don't have insane days, but who wants to read a blog about the same arguments about brushing teeth, cleaning their room etc.) and we now have some in-home-help with GP (so I'm not doing all the physical care for her and getting worn down emotionally, physically and mentally... Thank You for the help Miss Kathy and Miss Crystal!!).

All of this is to say this.... I now don't feel like I'm going insane... except about one week out of 4, if you know what I mean! So how do I continue doing something I have really come to love? I so enjoy blogging, writing out things that are floating around in my noggin'. Is the blog name
still relevant? Should I change the format, and make it more about life, and not so much about mommy? Should I make it about vintage and reading, and thrifting.... all of which I truly love to do? Should I make it more of a specific genre blog...? The answer that keeps coming back to me is NO!! This is who I am, wife, mommy, and caregiver (to all of them).

So I will continue on my quest for sanity... it will probably be until the last kiddo is out of the house (of which I keep reminding them 18 years is it, or 21 if you go to college). There is still the potential for the sanity in my life at this moment to fly away!! So I will continue to blog here. For the therapy, for the sanity, for the readers/followers I have (Welcome Seven Cherubs
to the insanity) for those of you out there who have yet to find me, I know you're out there!!

I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I do... keep on reading and leaving me comments (I lurve them).

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