Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's funny...

I love to shop the thrift stores in the area I live.  Mostly Goodwill.  Not that I'm partial to them, they are just everywhere, and I'm pretty rural.  Wait, that's not the funny part.  The funny part is, things catch my eye, and I tend to buy the ones that look like they are vintage and re-sellable, I don't buy based on name brands (mostly 'cause I don't know them) or what I know is collectible.  I buy and then look it up on the internet.  So, I went there last week, to look around after dinner with the family.  Here are some of the things I found.....

IROQUOIS by Russel Wright (found out his pcs. are very collectible $$)

"Yellow Scroll" by Century Service Alliance, OH

Knowles sugar and creamer set ($$)

Silver Clutch H L USA (Harry Levine) pretty & popular

Vintage Beaded Handbag... so, so, just SO!

I totally love the search, and the rescue!  I'm glad that I have found a way to make some money off of a hobby that makes me happy.  It's really funny how they say, one man's junk is another man's treasure!

So True.... what have you done lately that makes you happy?  That surprised you?  That made you excited?

Googling a few of these items to get an idea on pricing I came across this site: It's the bomb... drool worthy... eye candy galore!!

What websites do you like to go and browse through?  Like you were looking through the shelves of a fav store?

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