Sunday, December 31, 2000

Well it's about time!!!

Spring weather has finally shown up in our neck of the woods! Literally....


So we took advantage this morning of the nurse coming in to stay with GP & the oldest girly going to a pool party with her Sunday School class...& we got out to the park! Bliss....say it with me Michiganders...BLISS!!!

We had a great time going from swing to slide to train to lakefront....just plain busy! Yeah!

Of course you can't play for 2 hours straight & not refuel with a sammy @ Subway! Cookie natch!

Then we all got home & continued our pleasure! The 2 girlies & I picked up trash out front along the road...not fun , but necessary!

Then we let the fun commence again...

We of course LOVE LOVE our stylish new ball uniforms!

Someone's not happy she took her first flight off the swing set!

Of course there's trampoline jumping, ball hitting, running & all around craziness!!

Then the eldest decided it really was about time! Time to get her groove on & put the foot to the pedal!

After 3 summers folks the girly decided she WAS capable of riding her bike....hmmm it was reminiscent of potty training I tell you! NOT GONNA HAPEN UNTIL SHE WAS READY!!!! Let's just hope that pertains to MANY things in her life!

Hope you all are enjoying some wonderful spring weather wherever you are! Happiness & hope to all....

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