Saturday, April 16, 2011

When you need to get away...

On Saturdays we double up on our 3 hour caregiver allotment. It gives us more time away from caregiving responsibilities, & gives us time to get groceries, run errands, have time to go to the park or other activities GP can no longer do with us.

This Saturday morning is no different. We have to get the MacBook to the Apple store because some how the hubs lost EVEYTHING, um mm yeah! We are gonna grab breakfast & prob'ly lunch since we will be out a while. We are going to an Aldi's grocery store (because I can get food/paper product/hygiene items/animal food for a month for around $300) an hour away 'cause they don't have one closer. Then if we have time we will hit a couple new thrift stores that I've only seen in passing....that is if we have time!

You see sometimes things & plans don't always go the way we want them too (very hard for little girlies to understand). Surprisingly we got out of the house a little after 8 a.m. Headin out to Krispy Kreme's donuts where the "HOT" sign will be flashing!
It was rainy & yucky, but we were feeling pretty good to be getting away......

We don't let a little wetness stop us!

There is something that can stop you though!

It's called running out of gas...yes folks, I'd just said, "take this exit & get some gas." The tank had been low since last night. His thinking..."we'll make it to the next exit surely."

My tongue is BLEEDING from biting back the "I told you so" remark!! I'm trying to be the supportive & loving wife...truly I am! That's why I'm posting this, so you know how supportive I tries to be!!

The good news?

The sun is trying to get out!! (hehe)

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  1. I have many "I told you so moments" with my husband. Why don't they every learn to listen to us? hehe