Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Non-realistic, Realistic, not put on for the Camera....

Day in the life @ The Frumpy House!

Well, I think that you have this deep seated need to know us on a more intimate level. Yeah, right!!

It's been about a month back that I thought just for the fun of it, I'd snap pics with the iPhone throughout the day....just so people could see what we are really like.  With a few "filters" lets say....thanks to Instagram (which is prob'ly my all time fave app on my phone).

So, here goes.  Just for you, all 26 of you!!  (hehehehe!)
Breakfast, the works since it was a non-working day!

Start of the destruction...aka getting the toys out!

We like us a LOT of music @ The Frumpy House (professional & non)

We also like to play a lot of board u will see!

Time for a 2nd cup of coffee and a movie

Movie & snacks for the girlies...yes, we "encourage" eating off the floor (no dishwasher in The Frumpy House)
A bit of reading time for mom, while the girls play some computer games

A quick fix for lunch....everything bagel with hummus, tomato, zucchini, turkey, onion & provolone

After lunch dance groove...we are all up in that!

While we are still groovin' momma's whippin butt in checkers

A little bit of dolly action with the youngest girly!

The man takes some time out...sitting and reading a book isn't usual for him!

Some of the dinner....baked zucchini. YUM!

Girlies are playing with the cousin from FL. they loved having him for 4 wks.

An evening snack!?!??! Lemon slices...yes, this is my picky eater!

Of course she tops it off with one of these...

Packin' the eldest up for a 3 day camp! Yeah! (oh, did I say that out loud)

And because I can't be bothered with a full blown bath time...feet washing in the sink!

After feet & teeth are clean....bedtime stories are in the line up!
This is one of MY favorite books!!

There you go...a "picture" perfect day @ The Frumpy House.  Believe me when I say, it's not all pretty like this...ya know it!


  1. Question? how do you center you text under your picture? Is that a phone thing? My text is off to the side on my latest post and I couldn't remember if I knew how to center it.

  2. That bagel sounds and looks delicious! Making me hungry!