Tuesday, May 22, 2012

In Regards....

to the gall bladder surgery...I'm well, recuperating just fine. I had 3 super-sized stones (according to the surgeon he'd never seen any so large) & the gall bladder itself was inflamed and starting to imbed itself on the liver and small intestine. So, thank the Lord that that is done...hopefully I will be staying healthy for many, many, many years to come!!

With surgery comes recuperating...and with that comes some slight boredom and craziness!  I had been out thrifting before surgery and found a few items that I thought would make some great little DIY projects.  Planters, wooden shelves...etc.

This last week, my second week of recovery, I actually felt up to doing something besides moaning sleeping.  So here's what I got myself up to....

found this rack...$1.99 as is (it was missing a jar)

this shelf for $2.99

A little sanding on both of the shelves will help the paint to stick

thought about doing the chalkboard decals, went with writing on the jars with dry erase markers

3 coats of paint for both! such a nice sunny day it didn't take long to dry

I poured vitamins from large bottles into these, freeing up a lot of counter space (we leave our vitamins out just so we will remember to take them...outta sight, outta mind)

I think it worked out well, the orange brightens the wall space & the bottles are prettier than regular vitamin bottles

This shelf is holding a few odds & ends in my vintage kitchen collection . I love the pop of yellow!!!!

my mom said she has some vintage napkins, or tea towels that I can hang on the dowel!

All, in all I'm super delighted to see these thrift store finds finding a new life...

What little (or big) DIY's have you tackled lately? Leave me a comment and a link, I'd love to see!!!!


  1. I love the colors your chose for the shelves, they look gorgeous in your kitchen. I am so glad to hear you are doing better. I have a little something I want to send your way, I know I have your address around here somewhere.... :)

    1. Thank you Miss Cedar!! I also have something to send your way...it's even in the box!!! Just haven't made time to address & get it to the PO! Something abt surgery, & now busy building a chicken coop...will send out SOON!!!