Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Can I Can...

depending on wether you place any punctuation in that title it could mean a couple of things...Can I can? Can, I can...

Well, this past Saturday was the day I found out!

I grew up with my mom canning produce from our garden & my grandma canning from her garden. I guess I helped when needed (I do remember cutting corn off the cob to be frozen). Yet, I didn't learn the process of canning my own food or produce.
this year we planted: corn, peas, beets, pickles, cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, spinach, beans & onions (there may be a couple potato hills in there too)

The last couple of years my mom & I have planted and harvested quite a large garden. It supplied veggies for our two households and two of my sisters. It was eaten, and what wasn't eaten before expiring was just thrown on the compost pile...until this year!

The many homesteading blog and sites I like to read, talk over and over again about canning, freezing, preserving in some form or another fresh produce for winter eating and use. It made me dreamy and starry eyed (I know even my mom thinks I'm weird & she used to do it all the time). What about doing a better job at stewarding our riches? My mom is still healthy and wise (not that she shouldn't be at her young age) and able to teach me the ins and outs of canning/freezing etc.

So, since the pickles are coming on strong this week, we decided it was time to tackle the first canning class! We had almost two 3 gal. buckets full of pickles and my mom already had about 5 bags in the fridge....we were on a roll.

Thanks to the Pinterest phenomenon, I had some pickle recipes right at my fingertips. They looked simple and non-pressure cooker scary! So we printed 'em off and got our ingredients and proceeded to have fun (yes, I said, "FUN")
Li didn't exactly come dressed for the occasion, but it works for her! Sunday dress & barefoot!

Lauryn was exited she found the first pickles that morning! She also picked some of these peppers to go in the bread and butter pickles.

two little girls left their footprints...
not only is she a good pickle picker...she washes them well!

a little fancy cutting and some grinding in my mom's old grinder, makes for some nice looking pickles!

pouring the hot "pickle juice" over the bread and butters....

Dilled...recipe link here: just like Clausen

bread n buttah recipe here: ready in 24 hours 

dill relish recipe googled here: had to go dill, cause I'm sweet enough!

I'm slightly surprised at how easy it all was! There was no "canning" in the hot time over the old stove tonight style. Just some yummy smells and some tasty pickles...I think I ate one pickle for every 5 I cut, chopped or ground!

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