Thursday, August 16, 2012

School Days, School Days...

Dear Old Golden Rule Days....

and so on and so forth!! My mom used to sing that song a lot...something about taught to the tune of a "Hickory Switch" that she must've liked!  HAAA Just Kidding!

Well, the school year is close upon us here in Michigan. In some states it has already reared it head and forced those summer lovin' kids back into the classrooms!!

This year at The Frumpy is looking quite different....

Let me 'splain!

We Are Homeschooling (wether you like it or not)!

It's been a month of thinking, research, praying, more research, more praying and finally we decided we'd like to give it a shot.  NOT a shot in the dark... a real line the scope up, target practice, get the kinks out first, kinda shot!!  We are in the process of getting our materials and then G and I will be doing a run through of what a school day will look like. Then, when we feel it is going to go the way we like, we will do a practice run thru with the girls (who surprisingly were both agreeable, and excited about the prospect of schooling in the home).

It all started one day with me....(as most harebrained ideas do in the Frumpy House) 

For some reason or other, in reading blogs (2 different ones), a novel and a pin on pinterest I kept coming across "Charlotte Mason". I was like, dude(ette really, as I was talking to myself) what IS Charlotte Mason, or who?

So, one google search later & I was up to my eyeballs in info; videos, blogs, books, homeschooling websites....etc.
I really, really, REALLY liked what I read! I liked what others were saying about it. I liked what the reviewers were saying about the ease of the curriculum/teaching method. I liked the whole methodology!

If you would like to know what the Frumpy House will be getting up to this September through May you can read a good description about the Charlotte Mason Method here.

Some of you naysayers may throw my own words back in my face! I've said many times, "I will never homeschool L, because she is so defiant and it's hard to get her to listen and do what she is told. I would never survive getting her through a school day, let alone a school year."
Uuuummmmm yeah, I will admit to saying that, to repeatedly saying that....for like years! But thanks to a wonderful DVD that the hubby brought home from the library about a month ago (isn't it "coincidence" that it was about the same time we I started researching and thinking about CMM--I think NOT). It's called "1-2-3 Magic" by Dr. Thomas Phelan. All I can say about it now is magic! (I will post a blog about the program and the results soon).

Basically, the 1-2-3 Magic has given me a house that I want to go home to at night. It has given me a child[ren] that I actually want to spend time with. So the thought of homeschooling isn't daunting any more!!!

I'm beyond exited. I feel like I have a purpose...again! I feel like my days will be spent doing something to impact my children/family for a greater cause! I feel like I will be able to spend time with the girls, and be able to be a lasting example of the type of mom I've always wanted to be!  

NOTICE: All the statements in the above paragraph are "I" statements! I am NOT trying to tell any mom (or dad) out there that they are not "living up to their potential" as a parent if they don't homeschool their children....heaven forbid! Just as I expect any parent that may leave a comment for me to use their "I" statements when telling me what a crappy, sequestered, anti-social, over-protected child I'm going to have because I choose to homeschool! It's all about being able to choose what's best for us, for our families, for our's not about opinions and raucous debate!!! Keep it nice friends...just as we would teach our children how to be nice to all people even tho' there are differences....*stepping down from my soap box now, not sure how I even got up there [looks around with confused look on face]*

Will, give great, sarcasm worthy updates throughout the school I see fit!

Hope everyone is looking forward to a great school year, both children and adults!!
Much love, peace and freedoms for all!!



  1. Wow! I am so excited for you, and I can't wait to hear how things go. I have read a little about the Charlotte Mason method, and am really interested in learning more. I am planning on homeschooling Lucy (as well as future children which may show up sooner or later) since I got out of school (I had a horrible time in school). I am a bit unconventional, and plan on doing a bit of an unschooling method (at least as of right now, though we are several years off still), but I also have studied a lot about the montessori method. I really can't wait to hear more about this venture, and I hope it goes well for you. I have a lot to learn!

    1. I think that if a mom wants to homeschool their children it can be such a blessing! Such a wonderful time spent together, teaching them the things that are important! You would make a great teacher...
      Is there news on the horizon in regards to another little one? That would be so wonderful!!
      Thanks for your comment, it lets me know that someone reads my rambling thoughts (other than family members...)