Thursday, April 23, 2009

the New and Improved Version of 20 Questions

Since Grandma Patty has moved in with us we have relearned the joy of playing the old game, "20 Questions". She isn't able to verbally say the things that she once could, so we often resort to asking her different things for a yes or no answer.
She often is looking for something; a glass of tea (sweet of course), a hairbrush, a channel on t.v. and heaven forbid it if she can't find her purse.
The questions Greg comes up with are quite hilarious, often having nothing to do with what she is thinking (not that he knows that). She may want something like a glass of sweet tea and he'll be asking her about her clothes or room, or if she wants to go somewhere... oh, if only men could read women's minds.
He's not the only one who follows rabbit trails, I often think I've done everything for her in her morning ritual and go on my merry way with my own. One Sunday morning we were the last two to get ready for church and would you know she comes up and tells me she can't find "it". The mysterious "IT". Could be anything. I checked and she had her clothes on, she had her shoes on, jewelry (check), hair done (check), purse (check), coat (check). Finally, I just looked at her with an expectant look on my face and she finally walked into my room and pointed to the makeup on my dresser.... oh!! I had forgotten to put her makeup on her!

I think we will start playing charades soon... it usually gets to the answer quicker!!

We love Grandma Patty, we wish that she didn't have to go through this horrible disease. We really try and see the funny side of her new quirks. The girls are going to be learning a lot from her, things that they won't be learning from anyone else. Patience, compassion and love for family and friends that have these kinds of difficulties.

Even though the days are sometimes a struggle... "Yes you DO have to take that medicine!!", "Let me help you with your toothbrush", "Don't worry about the dishes, I'll get them." we still know that we are doing the right thing.

It warms my heart to see Lauryn sitting by Grandma P. reading her a book, Liyah bringing her a cup of "tea" she's made (and telling her, "Drink it Grandma!). And as long as we are all "playing together", we should all be "staying together"

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