Saturday, April 25, 2009

Reduce... Reuse... Recycle....

I do believe that I have done my best since the beginning of 2009 to "Be Greener" (Okay, Liyah has been out of bed three times in the last 5 minutes saying she needs a kleenex, used 2 kleenex's and is now out here again.... I can't believe I just told my own daughter she better just eat it because she wasn't coming out here again!!) Back the the "planned" blog
Greener you say, great! We all need to do our part to keep our "environmental footprint" as small as possible. I've been taught since a youngun' not to throw trash on the ground (I still wonder everytime I spit gum out if some bird or innocent rodent will smell the berry flavor mistake it for something edible and choke to death on my gum!) and I teach my children the same things. If you see garbage laying around and there is a trash can close, just pick it up and toss it. You'll feel better for it! So this year I thought, okay let's do something, let's be proactive!
So I started to exercise (with my mom, who rocks) and have Reduced 20lbs!!! Then I thought, since I don't have a dishwasher (see previous blog) I will let Lauryn, Liyah, Grandma Patty, Daddy and myself use the same glass all day long. If we know whose glass is whose the next morning it gets used again the next day (thank God for different colored sippy cups) thus Reusing things. Then I must say my greatest accomplishment in my quest for being more earth friendly is the Recycle!!
I am using things that have been used for years, probably centuries. I have kept them and stored them and found new and innovative ways of using them.... "Don't make me get up and come over there.", "I don't care if all your friends are doing it, you aren't.", "Clean up that room, it's a pigsty.", "Don't hit your sister.", "Don't chew with your mouth open.", "Don't tip back in your chair." "Wash your hands.", "Because, I said so"!! These are all phrases that I heard as a kid and now thanks to my quick thinking, my children too get to hear these wonderful words!
They don't respond any better than I did, but that is a totally different blog.
(Hmmm, I wonder if Liyah ever did quite picking her nose).

If you ever want to hear a great song that really goes through a lot of the insanity of being a mother, with a great dose of humor check out Anita Renfroe on YouTube. You can type in: Total Momsense Anita Renfroe in their search engine.... and now she has a newer one Total Momsense 2. If you like the things that I'm blogging about you'll love her mommy versions set to William Tells Overture!!
Take care to make sure you are doing your best to Reduce... Reuse... (I refuse to accept the dog licking the plate as clean, but you can use your own judgement) and especially Recycle. Cause you know you turned out okay, so what your parents told you must have been good!

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