Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Top 3 Things I Heard Today




Then there were a few other things that I heard. Mom, will you do this for me. Mom, will you help me with this. Mom, can I..., Mom, can we..., Mom she..., Mom!!

There are days when I tell my girls my name really isn't mom. It's Abca-decky-jeckle-menoc-ward-stewitzes. Which is from a Sesame Street song that Big Bird sang on an old record of mine when I was a kid. He was reading the alphabet as if it were a word. Anyhooo, I tell them I can't answer to mom anymore unless they can say my real name. They usually don't appreciate the humor. I might only get a couple minutes of quiet before they start the Mom routine again. But I do get a certain pleasure out of making them try:)
It has been an extremely crazy time the last week. I haven't found time to sit down at the computer, let alone write anything. I have great thing running through my head at different times that I'd like to sit and blog about. But, end up without the few minutes to do it.

I have actually taken a couple naps with Liyah this week. She likes to sleep in my bed for naptime if she can (with me of course). Most days I stick her in her own, so that I can get a few extra things done. But this week I was actually tired, and maybe a little of avoidance too.

But my mom and I got our root vegetables in the garden this week; carrots, beets and radishes. We were going to keep going since we were having so much fun (yes, I said fun). But we are still getting frost at night and we don't want to take the chance of doing all the work and not getting the rewards! Liyah likes to help, she pulled the weeds out of the garden. Any little stick, blade of grass or group of roots she could find (and a few worms too). Grandma Patty sat in a lawn chair with her long sleeved shirt, hooded sweatshirt and lined jacket on. She was cold! I gotta get her moving more.

Speaking of Grandma Patty, Liyah actually told her she liked her this week. BIG breakthrough for Liyah, who is usually upset with GP for picking up her toys and putting them in "new and interesting places" before she is really done playing with it. She did make GP happy when she asked her to sit on the floor and play Barbie's with her.

Lauryn is still in school. She's not happy about that!! Mom's okay with it!
She came home from school Monday and I was surprised to see her second bottom tooth missing. Here is the conversation.....
M: Lauryn, you finally pulled your tooth out!

L: No I didn't

M: Ummm, yes you did. It's gone.

L: No I didn't pull it out.

M: Well, it's gone. It must have just fallen out. Didn't you know?

L: No. Did I swallow it? I must have swallowed it! Can I throw up so I can get it out?

M: NO!! It's okay. You've got more that are loose and will fall out soon.

(I know you are an the edge of your seat with the thrilling dialogue)
She did lose another one this Wednesday. Her first top front tooth. I was cracking up when she was talking that evening. She was the epitome of the "All I want for Christhmasth" song. Of course she was trying to milk the comedy the rest of the week, ie at bedtime!

Grandma Patty is gone to OH to visit her sisters until after Memorial Day. She has a neurologist appt. at OSU on the 26th so they invited her down for an extended vacation. She wanted to make sure that we wanted her to come back. I told her, we want you to go to Ohio and have a wonderful time with your sisters. Then we want you to come back to Michigan and be with us. We wouldn't want it any other way (okay maybe the only other way we would have it is with an xtra bedroom and bathroom suite for her... that will come tho').

We are hoping to get her a nice porch swing to surprise her when she gets back! She has been trying to swing on the girls little swingset and it just doesn't work for her.

I'm working on some flower beds around the front of the house. Trying to get it looking better and not so dull. Got my sunflower seeds sprouting today! I love those. Ahhh, the hummingbirds, goldfinch, sunflowers, lilacs, all the signs of summer are coming and I'm loving it. More time outdoors makes for sleepy girls. Sleepy girls means mommy gets to sleep later that 6:30 am.

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