Sunday, May 3, 2009

Whew, the end of another day

It wasn't all bad. We all enjoyed Sunday morning at church with family and friends. Had a wonderful lunch, Lauryn didn't think so but that isn't new. We all got a chance to take naps or rest after lunch (and the best part of this afternoon is Greg did the dishes after lunch!). Most Sunday evenings instead of going to church we have a family "pj" party. We have some fun with games, stories, devotions and usually something yummy to eat (daddy and Lauryn make a mean pan of brownies). Tonight we built our first bonfire in the fire pit and we enjoyed the "smoke" from it!! The girls didn't stay around it too much. We all enjoyed the outdoors until Liyah wet her pants (darn those three year olds anyway) and had to come inside take a shower and get dressed for bed. Then we got to yell at Lauryn and Greg while they ran around outside playing ball tag.
We had ice cream from Kings Trading Post (THE place to go when you come here for a visit in the summer, let's just say a Kiddie Cone is two very large scoops) tonight. I think Liyah got more of hers on her face and shirt than in her tummy. Lauryn threw 1/2 of hers away, she got too full. What a blast.
Lauryn, gave me an early mother's day gift from her Sunday School class this morning. She decorated a flower pot and tucked a pack of seeds into it. I asked her if she was going to plant some flower seeds for me, she said, "no you do it". There you go, truly a gift from the heart.
Greg on the other hand was surprised that mother's day was a week from today. HEADS UP BIG BOY.... I'm a mother and MY day is coming up!!! Get on the ball (I'll keep you posted).
Other than the usual morning schedule, hectic and crazy. Nothing like seeing your children in church without their hair brushed! We had a great day (cause mommy cooked dinner in the crock pot and had a nap) and are looking forward to a nice week. I hope that the weather stays nice so I can get out and do some work on flower beds. Is it very grandma of me to get therapy from working in the flower bed and garden now. It's kinda like doing dishes in my house, it's the time when everyone scatters and leaves me alone. I have time to think and do some praying! WooHoo!

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