Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ALMOST over the EDGE

Today @ exactly 11:32am I made the call all moms don't want to make. I called my husband @ work and told him I was going to lose my mind and he needed to help me. No, not help me lose my mind, maybe I should say save me... keep me from taking that oh, so tantalizing step over the edge. The final step that you take before your family, friends and neighbors look @ you and cover their mouths as they whisper about "the day she lost it".
I have a very busy 3 year old, Liyah. She is into things way more than her sister at that age. So today, I'm trying to do laundry (just like EVERY day at my house) and hang up the clean clothes, instead of leaving them in the baskets for once. As I come out of the bedroom what do I see but Liyah, with grandma's sandals out of her closet, my flip flops out of my closet, wearing Lauryn's dress out of their closet, filling the watering can at my bathroom sink and standing in a puddle (NOT from the sink!). So I do what any sane mother would do, I stick her in the shower with a soapy wash cloth while I clean up the stool, mop the floor, put her wet clothes in yet another pile of laundry, put my flip flops away, put grandma's sandals away and hang the watering can outside on the back porch. Then I go in get her out, dry her off, send her to her room so she can get yet another outfit out for the day (to keep track it's now her third one of the day!). When all of that is taken care of I go back to hanging up the clean clothes and soon Grandma Patty is telling Liyah "don't do that to them" and "you're gonna make them dead" and the real kicker "I'm gonna tell your mom". So out I come again, Liyah's picking the kitten's up by the necks (AGAIN) and grandma's fussin' (AGAIN) and mommy's MAD (again). So Liyah gets pulled to my room, nose in the corner and I'm in the closet on the phone with Greg (God Bless Him) who thankfully has a job where he can leave if he has an emergency at home. AND THIS WAS AN EMERGENCY!!!
All's well that ends well, so they say. Since no one's life ended today, I guess all is well!!
There is yet another day tomorrow to go insane, for today I have a wonderful husband and a lovely cousin who step up and help me out when it becomes more than I can handle (good luck on your interview Lydia).
And for those of you who read this and think, "wow, she really doesn't have a grip on things" let me just say.... IT WAS HER 3RD OUTFIT OF THE DAY, and only 1o:45 am at that point.

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  1. Maybe a nudist colony will move into the neighborhood. Sure would cut down on the laundry. Then again we all may wish we were blind!