Friday, May 8, 2009

whiney butts...

There are a few of them in my house. The biggest one is Lauryn my 5 year old. At this precise moment she is hanging over the arm of the couch, kicking her feet in the air and whining about needing help getting up. She is such a booger!! Liyah is already in bed, due to another bout of wet pants tonight. She whined all the way to bed. HMM, I wonder if we have any cheese in the house to go with this whine.
We had dental appointments this week. Patty had one yesterday (yay clean teeth). She said it went well and that the dentist was "really good looking". I think she'll go back.
Lauryn and Liyah had appts. today. Lauryn's was great and Liyah's first visit went really well too!
No cavities for anyone, and new toothbrushes all around!
I'm really enjoying the weather we've had this week. I've gotten some flowers planted and flower beds cleaned up. Pushed Liyah on the swing for hours and watched the kittens romping around in the yard. (If anyone wants a really cute kitten they are free for the taking next week) Like there's anyone reading this that hasn't already said no to me!
I think my sanity has stayed pretty steady this week. Oh, except for the day that Liyah wet her pants 3 times before lunch. Oh, and the day that Greg, Patty and Lauryn were heading to Grand Rapids and the car broke down (the second vehicle that the timing belt broke on in one month). Then there was the day that Patty didn't want to take her meds...oh, wait that's everyday. I'm coping better this week- but then you know every third week comes each month and slowly I start slipping. Heads up Greg, you've got atleast one and a half good weeks left!
Looking forward to mother's day this weekend. Happy mother's day to all you wonderful mother's out there, even those of you who have tilted over the edge of insanity. Keep close to your children, husband and foremost God.

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