Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back to the Insane lifestyle....

what a morning.... okay, it started out great kids slept in until 8 am. Then we started the day running. Lauryn of course is finishing her last week of swimming lessons (she is moving much faster than last week) and we had to get everyone breakfast. No milk, no coffee, no poptarts, granola bars, froz. waffles etc.... nothing speedy. So I made toast and Eng. Muffins with the last of the bread and Eng. Muff.'s (note to self, need to get groceries!) We got things going and everyone was on a roll, literally. Lauryn and Liyah went outside. Liyah was walking to Grandma L's house to stay during lessons, Lauryn was just hanging out. She said Liyah told her to walk backwards and she fell into the firepit. So now she has scrapes on her shoulder, wrist, knee, calf, ankle. She was worried about going swimming, but Miss Julie assured her the chlorine in the pool would clean it right up!!
We ran to the grocery store after lessons and Lauryn wanted to "drive" the cart (buggy for those of you down south). She was doing well and going her own way (probably the first mistake). I was on the lookout for Grandma Patty (who got lost in the candy aisle--go figure) and told her to meet me by the milk. I was coming back from the search and rescue and Lauryn was standing next to the ice cream freezer crying (really loud) and covering her mouth. Oh, great!! Not another trauma, I like to keep it to one trauma a day.
Turns out she ran the cart into the side of the freezer and then ran her mouth into the handle of the cart!! Results: one loose tooth knocked out and a bloody lip. Got some paper towel from the cashier and staunched the blood. By the time we got back to the milk, blood was done and all was well.
Whew. The family made it through another day of ups and downs. Mom stayed sane through all of it and no life was lost in the making of this story!!

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