Friday, June 19, 2009

The Big 4-0

Today is the day, I don't feel any different. Except Greg took the day off and took Lauryn to swimming lessons with grandma and Liyah. Something I've been doing all week, but got time off for good behavior.
Lauryn made me breakfast this morning. Cereal and a lot of milk! Thanks Lauryn, mommy needed that! It hasn't been an easy week, but I'm so relaxed and happy right now I can't even think of anything to blog about. There's always the laundry, the accidents, the dishes (note to self don't think that just because you have incentives (read Bendaroos (see previous blog) that your children will continue to WANT to do dishes and clean)!! I don't think Lauryn has done dishes all week. She has kept her room clean and helped with the table setting and cleaning at meal times!
Next week she has 5 more days of swimming lessons. It's funny to watch a kid who doesn't like to get her face wet, learning how to blow bubbles and "bob" in the pool! I've also found out how uncoordinated she is, she has a very hard time keeping her legs and her arms going at the same time. No wonder she can't dance! She tries hard tho' and I've got to give her that. Even tho' she is the last kid to get from one end of the pool to the other she doesn't stop until she gets there. She's found herself a little "boyfriend" who helps her by grabbing her hand and pulling her when she gets too far behind.
Liyah is her usual self. We got to get some new clothes for the girls summer wardrobes this past week. Everyday since she has been coming out with Lauryn's new sundress on, playing dress up. She has worn her new church sandals to bed for her naps and puts them on first thing in the morning. She carries them with her to show grandma Lucas and Chevy (her cousin) since she isn't allowed to wear them outside, unless it's Sunday and we are going to church.
The only thing about Grandma Patty this week has been her wearing her sweatshirt in the house until the thermostat says like 78 degrees!! I was sweating getting her dressed this morning, and she wanted me to help her get her sweatshirt on!!!! She has enjoyed watching Lauryn and the other kids swim this week. Just a chance to get out of the house makes it fun for her.
Greg and I went for a walk the other night (about 20 minutes out in the back woods) and went back to the river. I went down to the river to see how warm it was. It was nice. Maddie went with us (she never misses an opportunity to go out in the woods exploring) and she ended up swimming all the way across the river! She couldn't get up on the other side since it was too steep, so had to come back and splash around with me. If she could fetch it would be a lot of fun out there with her!!
Greg's taking me out tonight, which means a babysitter for the kids (and grandma too we just don't tell her that) and pizza for them. I don't know what I'm having for dinner, but I'm sure it will be good. He kept the whole taking the day off etc. from me so who knows what he has up his sleeve. The one drawback is you can stay out and let the babysitter tuck the kids in, but you have to be home to tuck your mother-in-law in. I think the babysitter would feel a little weird doing that!! (right Lydia!?) But that's okay, Greg told me today he's got the whole weekend and Monday off (since our anniversary is Monday) and that just means more surprises. Whoo-hooo!
No sarcasm today. Feeling too good and not letting my sanity be compromised on such a glorious day!! Hope that the rest of the weekend goes so well. We'll see how well next week goes, when I'm feeling more like "40".

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