Tuesday, June 23, 2009

WOW...with out words

this has been the BEST weekend in a long time!!! I turned 40 on Friday. THAT isn't what made it such a good weekend, it was all the wonderful surprises Greg had for me. The girls woke me up nice and early on Friday to wish me a happy birthday...see previous blog. Then Greg tells me he is taking Lauryn to swimming lessons (yea) and that he is going to be taking Grandma Patty and Liyah with them (triple yea) and he will be taking them to the library for summer reading club story hour and then he takes them out to lunch at McD's. So I got to spend the morning alone, quiet, thinking about what to do that day (not much). Greg told me to be ready to go out for dinner by 4:45pm and that was all that I had on my agenda.....ahhh this is the life.
He'd hired the babysitter, planned the dinner and had a few other secrets too.
On the way to Big Rapids the cell phone rings and he starts talking to someone with a really deep voice about meeting and going to the Mexican place we like. Here's where you will see the real me. I can't wait to see who is going to be meeting us and Greg won't tell me so I grab the phone to see who had called. IT WAS PAUL and KIM BAHR!!!! (Long story short, Kim and I met in college in the early 90's and have been best friends ever since. Paul fit right in with us and Greg came later and we've all enjoyed hanging out and having a good time since) They live in Wisconsin, in the Madison area and we don't get to see each other often enough. They were here, for my 40th birthday. WHOO-HOOO!! Sangria's and Margarita's here I come.

We had such a great evening. That wasn't the end of my really great weekend tho'. Greg had planned a wonderful cookout on Saturday evening with family and friends. I knew about the cookout but didn't know he had invited some very good friends over (some friends going all the way back to high school days and before). We had a wonderful evening and enjoyed some of the company until late! The Bahr's were still here and came over Sunday morning to go to church with us. Spent the day with us and spoiled my kids with beads for making necklaces and bracelets, and beautiful summer outfits (they've worn a new outfit everyday since). I love that my friends love my kids, besides they have two boys so Kim says she doesn't get to shop for girly things that much!! They also served me crack for the first time, I'm now officially addicted!! It is like the BEST caramel corn EVER, thanks Kim (and my butt, belly and thighs thank you!).

Monday was our 7th anniversary!! Yeah, those years seem to have gone by super fast. If I didn't have two kids, a mother-in-law and 5 animals I would feel like Greg and I were still dating....wait, we did go out on another date!! Kim and Paul stayed down in GR on Sunday and Monday nights and we shipped the girls off to my mom's (thanks mom) and set Patty up with snacks, drinks and a really long movie. Then they had dinner together at my parents house....everyone was fine and enjoyed their time so no worries anyone!! Greg and I went down to GR and went to the hotel pool with the Bahr's and then the 4 of us went out to eat dinner at Carrabba's (one of THE best places for fine Italian food and wine). We had a great time and got home a little later than planned. Late enough that mom had the girls bathed and in bed!!! See we aren't totally insane.

It has been the best weekend in a long time...wait that is so deja vu! Thanks Greg, thanks mom and Paul and Kim YOU ARE THE BEST BESTEST FRIENDS A 40ish WOMAN COULD WANT. AND YOU TWO AND GREG WILL CATCH UP SOON, NO WORRIES

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