Thursday, June 4, 2009

WHO in their right mind

Decided that the rule, "Children should be seen and not heard" should fall by the wayside. I mean, I think that it would be an awesome rule to have. Especially after a 3.5 hour ride in the backseat of our Ford Contour with Liyah on one side and Lauryn on the other! It was a trip of INCESSANT (adj. Occurring without interruption; continuous) talking, poking and other loud noises and bodily functions. When I say INCESSANT I mean it.... very literally! I thought that I would lose my sanity, it's good to know I have more than a 3 hour supply still, before we made it home.
Don't get me wrong, I think that I've had a few years to get used to the talking that the girls do, it is a LOT, but I've never been trapped (yes, trapped with wide butt stuck between the two car seats) between the two mouths in motion like I was yesterday.
We went to Dundee, MI yesterday to pick up grandma Patty. She had a wonderful time with family for the past 3 weeks. We ate lunch with Aunt Sally, Aunt Linda and Grandma Patty at Bob Evans and we had a nice visit. Then came the trip home.... whew! I can't imagine what it would have been like with grandma in the back seat with the girls (she doesn't have any sanity to spare).
The thing is, how would you go about making the children these days follow a rule such as "Children should be seen and not heard." I believe that if I had started young with the rule "Don't speak unless spoken to" that would have been the start of a beautiful relationship. I wouldn't have whining, hollering, temper tantrum throwing children. I would have demure, complacent, obedient and manageable children (of course just like I was as a child). But now it's too late. It is true when they say the first year of a baby's life the parents try to get it to say it's first word and then the rest of it's life they are trying to keep them quiet!
I'm glad to be home, out of the confines of the backseat. I'm glad that I can hear Lauryn and Liyah from the other room and not right in my ears. I'm happy that I can get out in the open and work in the flower beds and hang laundry on the line. Lauryn and Liyah can run around outside and holler and scream as much as they want. I am glad that I can keep a few grams of my sanity for today. We'll see how it goes now that I've got Lauryn home from school, Grandma Patty home from Ohio, and of course Liyah getting into all and everything!
Wait, maybe if they take me to the funny farm it will be more like a spa retreat! I could come back home refreshed, renewed and relatively sane!

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