Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Sun was here today

We spent the majority of the day outside today. The girls helped me plant sunflower seeds in my new front flower bed (a whole week and 1,000 lbs of top soil and manure later). Then we planted bulbs, seeds and a new rosebush that Greg bought me. We are excited to get to watch all the pretties grow, now if I could just get Liyah to quit walking through it!!
I painted our old dark green shutters a nice red color to match our red door. Greg hung them this afternoon after he got home from work! Then we planted our new Montgomery cherry tree in the front yard.
Mom told me today that our beans, corn and squash are coming up nicely in the garden. Yea!! I love this time of year. Out enjoying the sun but not the unbearable heat, and getting things done and making it so beautiful after a long white winter!!
I'm posting some pics of our sunflowers from last year. Lauryn helped me plant them and was so excited to watch them grow. We took pic s throughout the summer and used Liyah, Greg and Lauryn to get a perspective on their height. At the end, when the birds and squirrels came and cleaned them all out, there were about 4 of them over 8' tall. The ones we are going to have this summer are more decorational sunflowers.

Oh, BTW, the chocolate ice cream stains came out of Liyah's dress! Whew!!

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