Sunday, July 12, 2009

I don't remember....

The past week. I think I did things, maybe even important things. It seems to have gone by fast, and pretty smoothly. There were trips into town for a few groceries, a library visit (for "Wiggles and Giggles") and many other things. I know we had friends over for dinner Tuesday evening, so I probably spent all day Tues. cleaning the house. It's a blur in my brain. Not the visit, that was wonderful and fun.
Then there was Thursday. Another trip to Dundee, MI to meet with Linda.... and Sally, Betty, Joan, niece Barbara and great niece Terri Ann and her son Jeremiah. That day was GREAT, but quite a blur. It was a long day of driving and visiting... and then driving home again. I think I'm still tired from it!!
I'm pretty sure I had crazy moments, I know I called Greg at work one day (I think it was Friday) to let him know that I wasn't having the best day... G.P. had wandered away 2 times and scared me because I didn't know where she went. Once was at the library.... Liyah had to go potty, Lauryn was wandering around between computer games and books and my nephew Josh was on the computer. I was coming out from the bathroom with Liyah and couldn't find G.P. in the library. I had Josh help me look for her, he found her out in the car. She said she had to get out of there.... I don't have a clue why.
Then while I was making lunch she disappeared again, oh yeah, she was looking for the dog that Greg brought home from work with him on Thursday. Did I forget to mention a new dog?! I can't imagine why my brain is fried. She seems to be attached to her, a small terrier of some sort. She's a nice little dog, found in the front yard of Greg's employer all wet and cold. So I got the girls eating lunch and went out looking for G.P. and the dog. Found the dog at my mom's with Maddie (our dog) and G.P. in the path (between our houses).
I think amongst all of this this week I can honestly say I did about 12 loads of laundry (I think there's still a load in the dryer) and washed about 14 sinks of dishes.
"I see", said the blind man as he peed in the wind....."it's all coming back to me now!"

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