Friday, July 31, 2009

Sometime there is just too much material

for my blog. Like yesterday.... it started out as any ordinary Thursday. Breakfast, couple cartoons for the girls, Regis and Kelly for G.P., dishes and laundry for me, cleaning sisters apt., getting things set for Lauryn's little party she's having with some cousins (Wii and pizza). Then came the horrible, dreaded, "I'm awake" naptime!!
Lauryn was being rotten all morning to everyone in the house, so I sent her to bed. She got at least an hour and 1/2 nap (unusual for her, but very much needed). Then Liyah was sent to mommy's bed because I can't put both of them down for naps in the same room. This is when it all started.....
12:30 pm. "Mom! I spilled on the bed" Spilled WHAT on the bed?!? Turns out she had gotten a dixie cup from the bathroom and filled it with water and taken it to bed. Of course she had gotten up and put the cup back on the bathroom counter! Okay, cleanup the mess as best as I can. Scoot her to my side of the bed for her nap.
1:30 pm. "Mom, I gotta go poop!" Okay, go! she got up and went and then hollered for me to wipe. I walk into the bedroom and see the box of scrapbooking stamps and colors and papers (which the babysitter left, Lydia) all over the floor and the bed. What are you doing in here, you are supposed to be sleeping!!! I get her cleaned up and back in the bed.... "I need a napkin, I got chocolate on my leg." What!!! How did you get chocolate on your legs, and why do you have it on your mouth? Not only had she been playing with the scrapbooking box, she had eaten all four of the Reeses Peanut Butter cups out of my purse!! The ones G.P. and I had bought at the grocery store to share (and stopped and got sundae and shake at Mc D's instead). Okay, this time spanking and tucked back in.
2:30 pm. Lauryn's awake and comes out to snuggle with me. When Liyah hears her talking she opens the bedroom door and says, "I'm awake". Clue #1 she hasn't taken a nap: she's too chipper to be just waking up. I tell her come on out, she might as well forget the nap (probably too much chocolate in her to settle down anyways). She comes out and starts snuggling too. Clue #2 she hasn't taken a nap: she smells like nail polish. Why do you smell like nail polish Liyah?!?! Did you get into the polish? No. Of course no, she wouldn't admit to that because I'm sure now she can see my eyes turning red and steam coming out of my ears..... we marched to the bedroom where I found "THE EVIDENCE" dum, da da dum!
Liyah had opened my clear nail polish, and closed it back up, and set it back on the dresser where it was. But, while it was opened she proceeded to take my eyeshadow brush and use it to polish her toenails on up to her ankles. Let's not forget the fingernails, all the way up to her wrists. And oh, let's just paint our lips as well. If that wasn't enough she had taken my eyeliner and drawn scribbles (not even very artistic scribbles at that) all over the dresser. She had laid the eyeshadow brush on the dresser and it was stuck there, as well as bristles from the brush were stuck all over her hands and feet. NOW what's a mother to do! I'll tell you what I did, I spanked her again and made her clean up what she could. Then I took cottonballs and polish remover to her feet, hands, lips and the dresser.
And all that before I had 5 kids over for pizza and Wii games!!!
I'm so thankful that isn't my usual day. I think that I would have lost my mind a long time ago if that were the case.
Greg came home from work last night and said he had taken Friday off. He asked me last night as we were getting ready for bed what my plans were for tomorrow. I said, "I think I'm taking the day off too!"

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