Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ding Ding Ding...

the beginning of round 20... man even professional boxers don't have to go this many rounds!!
It really shouldn't bother me so much, it's not like it's a new fight, just the same old fisticuffs. G.P. doesn't want to take her pills and she gets quite feisty about it. Then Greg and I have to get feisty right back, it makes for some tears and a LOT of sighing (huffing and puffing as my mom would call it). I just say sigh as much as you want, but pick a pill!!
I know that G.P. misses her family, her sisters. She would like to have someone to do something with besides me and her grandchildren. A ladies only day! But for now this is what we've got. I'm thinking once Liyah and Lauryn are in school in the fall that she and I will have more time to do things she likes that the girls don't like so much (like shopping/ browsing through stores and grown up movies).
Lauryn and Liyah have been the usual crazy makers. They are doing there best impressions of sisters. "She looked at me", "I did NOT", "She touched me", "I did NOT", "She took my toy/book/crayon/paper/computer game/bracelet", "I did NOT". They are doing whatever they can to keep me on my toes. Making sure that I take a trip to Insanesville at least once a week (sometimes once a day). I've been happy for the sunny days this week. We've had really nice rain come through this week, it's been great for our flowers and veggie garden, not so much for growing sanity in the house!!!
Last night Greg came home around 7:30 pm, which is his regular time, and he said it really made him feel good to see the girls outside, running down the side of the driveway yelling "daddy's home". I told him I'm glad, I had chased them out of the house after they ate dinner because they wouldn't stop yelling and fighting with each other!! He said it kinda put a damper on his "high" to know they didn't do that all on their own. Oh, well. You learn to take love from the girls when and where you can get it and you don't ask how!!
I've been going slowly in circles this week. It seems that just as I get one thing done another pops up. You know how it is... laundry caught up... until someone (we name no names in this house) wets their pants and you have another load of clothes, bedding, towels, rugs whatever happened to be there, to wash. The same goes for dishes, cleaning up toys, and always the bathroom sinks and toilets! I never knew children could make such a mess while brushing teeth or washing hands. You'd think the Ark was passing through!
That isn't what makes this mommy go insane though. I could probably clean up after the messes without too much of a problem. I have trouble hanging on to it when no one made the mess, and doesn't want to help clean it up. I'm going to find No One and tell him he either pays rent or he learns to clean up his own messes!!
Of course if I found No One and fed him I Don't Know for dinner, he would probably make a mess of it and say He Didn't do it.... yeah, he's probably related!

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