Monday, August 31, 2009

Is it over yet....

This month has been good, but very busy. Lauryn started school today, without a lunchbox too. The time got away from me and we forgot. So she brown bagged it.... won't kill her!
She said she had a wonderful day, and that she didn't have any homework, of course I didn't think she would.
Liyah met her pre-school teachers today. She was soooo very excited. Then mommy has to be a hardnose with the transportation dept. about getting the bus out here. I don't know if I will win or not, but it may make a difference in whether she goes to school or not. AAAAHHHHH! I hate things like this.
We had a wonderful 3 day vacation last week. Actually got to swim at the beach one day. The other two days were toooooooo cold! Rats, but of course the one day we went mommy didn't take care of herself and got a MAJOR sunburn, still hurts 5 days later. Why do I do that?!
No catastrophic happenings on vacation. Liyah fell out of the camper door once, and was sure she broke her leg. That changed as soon as she got out to go to the playground again! Lots of bug bites, and cold mornings. We fished in a little pond on the campgrounds, Greg caught a little trout and I caught a small trout, sm stripped bass and a large sunfish (about 9 inches long and wider than my hand). We had fun, Lauryn wanted to catch some fish so bad. She caught a small turtle (by the front leg nonetheless). Wanted to keep in for a pet. She was devastated when I threw it back in the water. But then again, she wants to keep every little frog and toad she catches too!!
The only other "annoying" event was when Liyah went out to play in the playground and played in the car instead. Ran the battery down when she left the lights on, we had to have it jumped 2x's before it would stay running!! That was enjoyable. Greg wasn't happy at all, I think he was getting too hungry and we were planning on going out to eat (something about not wanting to roast hotdogs two nights in a row, what's up with that?!).
We made it home just fine and no one was worse for the cold, sand or bug bites!! Although I think we are all still ITCHING!!

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