Sunday, August 23, 2009

Earwax Song

Okay, this was something that entertained the girls on our 3 hour trip down to Dundee on Saturday. Greg thinks I'm teaching them stuff that may or may not be appropriate. I said, "Atleast it doesn't have anything to do with Poop or Farting!!"

Enjoy, if you can.....

Earwax Song: (to a tune I can't remember now)

Earwax, earwax
I like to play with earwax.
Earwax, earwax
Yellow sticky goo.
Earwax, earwax
I'll wipe it all on you.

Earwax, earwax
Sticky, icky earwax.
Earwax, earwax
I roll it all around.
Earwax, earwax
Then flick it on the ground.

Then I ran out of words that rhymed. We were all laughing so hard we forgot to make up anymore. We tried making other silly songs, but couldn't come up with a topic that was a gross/funny as this!

If you have a funny song that you sing with your kids, or maybe you sing it to yourself when you are ready to go insane, I'd love to read it. I'm always open to fresh funny things to get my kids minds off the mundane things in life!

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