Wednesday, January 27, 2010

PART 2.....

My husband goes out to "look" at dogs at the pound and comes home with an 8 wk. old boxer/lab retriever mix. While I'm at work. When we are going out of town for the weekend and are low on money. When we just got rid of a bunch of kittens because we couldn't afford to feed them. When we are the ones who will be doing everything for this puppy, even tho' it is "mom's dog" (Grandma Patty for you new readers, for the simple fact she can't physically take care of any accidents, walking, feeding, bathing, grooming). Need I say more? It would have helped out a lot if he would have just called me BEFORE he came home with the puppy and asked me.... I used to think my opinion counted and held a lot of weight in "OUR" home.
Funny thing is, he said I should blog about it..... it will give me something to say! AS IF I needed more things to drive me insane!!!!
I love you Greg, but this is soooooooooooooo not cool with me at this moment!

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