Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Day.....

Well, Greg thinks that I have a connection with the weatherman. This is like the 3rd day since I have been back at work that the girls have had a snow day!!! Ha, ha, ha (evil laugh intended here)! So I'm taking a day "off" @ work. Greg is stuck in the house with GP (dementia), Lauryn and Liyah, Maddy (12 yr old beagle/boston terrier), Alex (10 wk. old boxer/lab) and a cat called "Little Momma" that really doesn't require any work except to put some food in her bowl 2x's a day!!
But let's put his complaining into perspective readers..... I'VE BEEN HOME FOR 2 DAYS WITH THE EXACT SOME PEOPLE/ANIMALS (ok the girls were in school those days). BUT, I also vacuumed, swept the entire house (those of you with animals in the house know why), mopped, cleaned 2 bathrooms (including tub/shower), did at least 12 loads of laundry (including loads that had peed on doggy beds), fixed good homemade meals, did grocery and household shopping, got gas in BOTH vehicles, picked up Rx's, banked, paid bills, dressed GP, undressed GP, helped toilet/feed/walk GP and a multitude of other little, "non essential" things like shower, brush teeth, and toilet myself!!!!! Plus, last but not least, help Lauryn with her homework, referee fights between the girls, the dogs, GP and the dogs and GP and the kids, clean up spills (5 drink spills) and pee spots, make sure the girls have clothes out for school, gym bag is packed with clothes and tennies, teeth are brushed, jammies on and then when Greg gets home from work he helps me tuck them in!!!! Aaahh, now I get to put GP to bed and clean her up, get meds for her, make sure her electric blanket is on, and that she is covered up! Aaahh, now I get to make sure Greg has had his dinner (usually I make sure that it is still heated up and set it on the table for him) and clean up the dinner dishes. Finish up the last load or two of laundry and put them away. Aaaahh, now I get to sit and relax, maybe read a book for a few minutes before I get to go to bed!! Knowing that the next morning will start it all over again, with getting the girls breakfast, dressed, teeth/hair brushed, coats/boots/hats/mittens on and backpacks and lunch boxes in hand and out the door!! (okay, I do have a confession to make... Monday night Lauryn didn't get her homework put in her back pack and it got left at home, and Tuesday morning I didn't get her a lunch packed for school so she had to get something out of the "backup drawer" @ school [she had ramen soup and choc. pudding]).
Thank God for Aunt Jane (who picks up Lauryn for school) and Aunt Cheryl (who picks up Liyah for school 2 days of the week) and for Grandma Lucas (who brings Lauryn home from school) otherwise I would have a lot more to do in one day!!
Everyday is not this crazy... if you think this sounds crazy. Somedays are worse, some are better. There used to be days where I didn't have to clean up after, walk, or feed an extra mouth. Those were good days. There are also days where Lauryn doesn't have homework!
Other than that, each day is pretty much the same.

Greg made a statement this morning as I was getting ready for work that he was going to be home all day and bored there like he was bored at work (there really isn't a whole lot to keep you busy for a full 10 hours @ Pete's house). I thought I'd like to smack him upside the head, but he wasn't close enough and I didn't have the energy to walk over there! I listed about 5-6 things that he could do today. None of which are things he probably "wants" to do!

LOVE TO ALL MY FAMILY, EVEN GREG! This too shall pass, and then it will start all over again tomorrow!

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