Thursday, February 11, 2010

Where there is utter chaos...

There is my household.
I arrived home from work last night @ 7:30 pm and my dear hubby was looking pretty scatty. He'd had a rough day with everyone in the house (except me), keeping him busy. He said he was going insane, methinks me understands!!
Why else would I start a blog and label it Sane is a 4 Letter Word! Because in MY house we don't talk about sanity!! It's all about the INSANITY . He says he can't multi-task like I can, my response was I do it because I have to, not because I want to!! I mean come on, I ENJOY my family, but do I want to do laundry, help with homework, cook dinner and button the back of princess dresses all at the same time?! NOT HARDLY! But I do, and life goes on... somedays I only have to do dishes, help with homework and talk on the phone at the same time!
Maybe hubby has seen the light, and decided that said, insane wife still has some sense in her noggin' and won't be bringing home any more babies w/o getting my take on what that would entail. Good note, the puppy slept all through the night! The first night since we got him that we haven't been woken up to take him out for a midnight pee. Let me say it this way, WE got woke up, but HUBBY got up to take him out!!!!!

I also want to report a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel... this morning as I was packing lunch for Lauryn (yes, I remembered today) she; yes SHE, reminded me that she would have to pay a $1 today if she wanted to dress in casual clothes tomorrow (Fri.). Those who don't know (who maybe read this blog and I just don't know it yet), she wears a uniform to school and they are doing a little fund raiser in February for something or other (honestly I did read the newsletter, it just escapes me right now). So since she remembered she took a dollar and is going to school casual tomorrow.... good way to use those brain cells chicky, now if you would only remember what I tell you 2 minutes after I tell it to you!

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