Thursday, March 11, 2010

Well, if you're going to be jealous

make sure you are jealous of something really worthy!!
Greg and I made a trip to Kenosha, WI last weekend and picked up his new drum kit he found on ebay... no you may think that I'm jealous of them, I'm not.... although he did tell me last night he loved them.
Actually, I'm jealous of a bathroom.... and definitely NOT your ordinary bathroom. OH, NO! This is the bathroom on Hwy. 50 coming out of Kenosha (as you're headed to Edgerton, WI (shout out to my buddies the Bahrs). It is the bathroom at the.... get this.... Mobil gas station!!!
Okay, my bathroom's not that bad, but this one.... THIS ONE..... WOWWW! I really wish I had taken the camera out of my purse and taken pics... but I was too dumbfounded.
They had coffee brown ceramic vessel sinks with, antiqued bronze faucets shaped like old fashioned water pumps. They had gorgeous tile on the walls with a 2" border of celery green small glass tiles. In the stalls they had wrought iron pieces of art as well as beautiful black and white prints of tulips (my favorite flower).
The great thing is, I walked out and found Greg over by the beverage coolers and we looked at each other with a gleam in our eyes and both burst out with "did you see", "was your bathroom like"... it was too funny.
Greg wants the sinks, I'll take the b/w prints....heck, I'd take the whole bathroom!!

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