Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vacation is over....

GP has been in Ohio for 2 wks and came home yesterday. I made the 3 hr. trip down and 3 hr. trip back with Liyah as my co-pilot. Actually, she was busy watching Scholastic Books on DVD (something we can check out at the library for FREE!) to worry about me and my driving skills!
She did really well, she was very excited to see Aunt Linda!! A favorite of both my girls.

I've enjoyed the two weeks w/o GP, and although I love her, I really wish that I didn't have the responsibility of her care. It's good to have Greg to help me with the stresses and daily care.

The girls seem to be a little more agreeable to her being in the house. It was really getting to the point that there wasn't any peace in the house. There was just a lot of dissension between the girls and GP. Liyah is 4 now and better able to understand why grandma is living with us and why she (GP) does a lot of the things she does. We tried to talk to the girls and let them know that grandma was coming home and that they really needed to try and be helpful with her, not so ornery and rude to her. They have been doing well. Hugs were given for gifts she brought them (hair stuff), and there was a lot of talking and smiling and enjoying each other at the dinner table last night.

I don't know how long this will last, but here's to enjoying it while I've got it!!

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