Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wondering lately....

what's come over me! I don't seem to have anything to report from the home front, but I don't think that the girlies are changing their ways. So, how is it that I don't feel so much like I'm going insane? Ahhh, they do say that those that are mad don't believe themselves to be.... huh.

Maybe, it's the fact that the girls are getting out of the getting into everything and making a mess and leaving it there and not caring what other's think and going and getting into something else and making a new mess and then leaving that there.... has slightly diminished.

Maybe, it's the fact that mommy has become a hard nosed, Nazi-esque, freak of nature, my way or the highway, tight boundaries kinda mom, and I ain't puttin' up with their whiney ways no how..... kind of mom.

Maybe, aliens came through their bedroom window in the middle of the night and sucked their underdeveloped, selfish, tantrum throwing, let's see what we can do today to make mommy and daddy raise their voices, devious and contrary little minds out... through their noses.

Maybe, I'm too worn out to care and too busy to see, too lazy to look and too CRAZY to want to find out what exactly they have been doing every minute of their waking hours.... yeah, that one's probably the one.

I will say that maybe it's the time of year (you know everyone gets a little happier, even w/0 the happy pills) when the sun shines more, the trees are turning green and the flowers are starting to dot the landscapes. I think I'm feeling more relaxed within myself and not taking things too personally. I'm letting the girls make decisions about what they will do or not do... of course EVERYTHING comes with good or bad consequences eh! So I'm beginning to feel less stress about them cleaning up their toys (if I pick them up they are mine for a wk), getting ready for school (WHAT! you don't have your clothes on?.... too bad grab 'em and go the van is NOT waiting any longer), eating meals (oh, you're hungry, I have this nice plate of dinner waiting for you... you don't want it... must not be THAT hungry huh?)

The only thing I'm sorta stressing about at the moment is my flower beds. The last two years I have really enjoyed planting flowers and tending them. I have found it is a place where I can putter around and do what I want. This year however with the new addition to the family (see previous blog about the naughty husband and the puppy) I have many holes dug in my flower beds and I'm not sure what to do to keep the BIG rascal out of them. Not only are my flower beds ruined but my front and back yards are strewn with stuff that the "DDD" (dum-dum dog) has chewed up and spit out, and drug hither and yon! I don't know how to keep up with everything inside and outside of my house.

It is a good thing that Greg is the responsible person for the doggie pooper-scoopers. That WOULD send me over the brink.... I think!

May your day be sunny, even if there is no sunshine!!

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