Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another of my Addictions...

9 By Design - Blogs - Cortney Novogratz - Had a Blast | Bravo TV Official Site

I have really enjoyed the 1st season of this new show on Bravo! 9 By Design follows a family of 2 parents and 7 (yes 7!) kids. The parents are Robert and Cortney Novogratz, they are builder/designers. Their company, Sixx Design (obviously named before they had all the kiddoes) does awesome builds (imagine old factories and gun shops) in New York City and then redoes the floor plans and designs. Then for me the fun begins, the interior design and decorating! Of course quite a few of their design pieces are high end "artsy fartsy" stuff and would be totally out of my league. But they do like themselves a great flea market, tag sale, antique store find too, to incorporate with the mega bucks stuff! I think my favorite things have been the antique couches and chairs that they have taken and reupholstered in some very cool materials!!

I'm just addicted.... I record it and watch it on Wednesday night after work while Greg has everyone out of the house for Kingdom Knights/ Kid's Club.... that is done for the summer now so I guess I will be alright with only one more episode for this season!

I you have a chance, or you WANT to.... check out the show, they have full episodes on Bravo's website!

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