Friday, June 4, 2010

Missing it...

I missed WOW Wednesday this week thanks to a very well known visitor, "Aunt Flo". I was down sick and didn't get on the computer. You know as a 13 yr. old, first meeting "Aunt Flo", I never would have thought that almost 30 yrs later she would still be a miserable guest!
So I missed work for a couple days and just hung out around the house with the girlies, GP and some ibuprophen. I'm feeling much better today. Things are flowing smoothly, you could say.

Lauryn enjoyed a take your kid to work day yesterday (Greg thought I could use a little reprieve I think). Boy, did she have fun! She got to swim in the pool with Pete, had pizza with daddy for lunch and got to play on the computer (internet @ Pete's is great). She came home last night @ 7:30 happy as a lark that she got to spend the day with Greg and didn't have to compete with anyone else for his attention.... that made her a VERY good girl! Greg said she was wonderful and they had a great day!

Liyah was okay at home with me. We went to the library again, after we had MickyD's for lunch (note to self don't let GP eat her ice cream by herself, more than half of it went on the floor or lap). Then her cousins Annie and Raymond came over for some play time. Raymond made his departure when Li was suggesting that they have a tea party.... Annie stayed and helped serve up a yummy tea!

GP and I, well I'm the one choosing, chose to watch some movies the last couple days. I thouroughly enjoyed the clothing and decor in the movies (40's-50's). We watched a Shirley Temple movie and I thought there would be nothing better than dressing Liyah in those cute little dresses, hats and coats that she wore in "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm". Li would love it as she is the "fashionistah" of the household!

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