Wednesday, May 5, 2010

He's really done it this time....

Well, as you readers know, Greg brought home a puppy couple months ago and I've been doing my whiney momma bit about it ever since (more so to him @ home than on the blog). This "puppy" is now probably about 45 lbs, stands up to my 4 yr olds arm pits, and has feet the size of her hands!! Alex has also been digging huge holes in all my flower beds (no flowers planted yet), chewing up odd things and dragging it all over the yard (added to his pooping out there and that is a major clean up day). Finally, I told Greg last night, the puppy has GOT to go! I don't care where, how or to who, but he's got to go!
So go he did. Greg packed the huge dog into the van this morning and took him to one of the local animal shelters (where I'm pretty sure he will find a loving family, considering he is all ready for lift-off with shots and neutering). The worst part about it.... Alex got into some kind of animal this morning and proceeded to puke fur, guts and bones up! In the van. More than once. Vulgar smell. Greg says someone owes him big time.... don't know who. Need I say more!

Lesson Learned: Don't bring home puppies (that need a lot of training), don't bring home an animal without asking the mom of the house first, don't bring home an animal that will quadruple in size in 3 months, and most of all DON'T TAKE A DOG FOR A RIDE WHEN HE'S JUST EATEN WILDLIFE!!!

I can honestly say I'm relieved. Alex is gone, my family will quite getting on my nerves about him, and I'm not the one who has to clean up the vomit!!! (LOVE YOU GREG!!)

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