Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I am a mom officially on summer vacation.... oh wait, that's the alarm and it's time to wake up and get to work huh!

I usually have snippets about the my girlies, who invariably drive me crazy. Today, on my WOW Wednesday report I want to officially state...... My Girls W-O-W me every day.

Whine-Or-Weep... most days BOTH!

No, really, I am often without words when it comes to my girls. They are either making me crazy with the "evil little aliens from another planet" routine -OR- they are making me crazy in love with their "God made me especially for you" bits.

They are both officially done with school for the year. Buhhhhwwaaahhhaaaahhhhaaaaa!!!

Lauryn made us both proud with high honors in English and Spelling, plus getting on "A" honor roll all 4 semesters. It isn't enough that the girlie is only 6.5 years old and finishing the 2nd grade, NO!, she must also excel at her studies. We are sooo proud of her and want her to continue to set fantastic goals and accomplish them. She was very proud of the trophy she received for memorizing 9 months worth of scripture. She was also ecstatic about receiving $10 for her stamp poster for the D.A.R. contest (Daughters of the American Revolution). All in all it was a great school year for her and now we need something to keep her busy throughout the summer (as mommy is already tired of hearing "what can I do now", "there's nothing to do" and the proverbial; "I'm bored")

Then Liyah finished with her first year of pre-school today!! She has been very good about getting up and out in the mornings. She has also spent a whole school year eating breakfast at home, again at school; eating lunch at school and another at home!!! The chickie is a bottomless pit and still weighs 32 lbs (has for the last year). She has learned to sight read half of her alphabet, most of her numbers 1-10 and still loves to play dress-up, tea party and dollies! She's only turned 4 so I'm thinking she's probably going to be keeping pace with her sister in the smarts department.

So I won't continue to bore you with stories and banalities of my girlies (but I am mom, carried them 9 months, birthed them (one w/o pain meds) and have the exclusive bragging rights to them). So here are a few pics that we have taken recently so you can actually see who I'm bragging about!!

The Lauryn-ator, one minute loves you to death, the next will be the death of you!

Liyah-fashionistah! Loves the clothes.... all the outfits she can get on in one day!! And yes this was her idea of an outfit (you can't quite see the Scooby-doo backpack that really set this ensemble off!).

WOW, to think that I get to spend 104 days of summer vacation with them.......more like WHEW!

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